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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wooly UFO's, New Projects and Guilty Pleasures!

Well I have had a busy evening starting painting in the Kitchen, whilst trying to watch the new series of Mistresses on the IPlayer!
I have ordered my self a crocheting book called Happy Hooker Stitch and Bitch, mainly because I wanted some more crafting projects to do especially crochet, and because I really want to crochet a softie inspired by a lady called Camilla Engman ( I will post a pix on the side bar - I first noticed her softies 3 years ago when I discovered blogging, and well I just have to have one!!

I have also made another crochet cushion, which my Mr M thinks looks like a Wooly UFO....but he still kinda liked them. A couple of days ago I could hear 50's sci fi music wafting down the stairs with a levitating Wooly Cushion 'appearing' to float down the stairs...

Any way I thought I would leave you something a bit fun...I have decided to list 5 guilty pleasures...silly things that I love but generally keep to myself...just silly things...

1. I quite like (I mean I love .. there I said it!!) old Carry on Films, especially Carry on Screaming!
2. I have a crush on Midge Ure from Ultravox and once saw him at the local dump in Bath!
3. If I'm home alone I love a dirty ...wait for it TV Dinner..and I leave it in the packaging!
4. I'm a bit of a closet Britney Spears fan (Cringe I know!!)
5. ermmmm stuck now ...but I'm sure I can think of more!!

Happy Wednesday

Love Sam

PS sorry I seem to keep taking the same photo of my arm chair..I promise to be more inventive!


bekimarie said...

Midge Ure is yummy!

I have the Happy Hooker book, i'm trying to learn from it, without much success at the moment lol.

I have an award for you over at my blog.

Take care
Beki xxx

Hollypop's said...

Like the crochet cushions, are they easy to do?
Take care.

Jemm said...

I have the Stitch and Bitch knitting book. It's got some really cool ideas in it. I think I've only made one thing out of it though. I'm terrible at patterns. LOVE the cushions :)

Shabby Chick said...

Like the cushions, very clever :)

Oh and I like a bit of Britney too!

Mel xxx

sadie said...

I love Carry On films too. Can't help it, they are so naff and un PC that it makes them brillaint in my book!

with you on the tv dinners too *hanging head in shame!*


The sewing room said...

Ilove your crochet cushion and cuddly toys, i hope your painting is going okay and you like the colour best wishes Pat

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