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Saturday, 21 July 2012


Firstly thankyou for your lovely comments!..xx
And as promised here I am again, now picture the scene, yes I am still in my pjs at dinner time on a Saturday lunch, glued to my mac, as I'm working on a couple of children's books..whilst trying not to get distracted by ebay, and random news about old and new celebrities..

When I'm working I HAVE to have some kind of old movie on..I'm addicted. So today I have on Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. Its a supernatural tale of Love and Loss...fabulous, just my cup of t!

Todays crush is James Mason...and did you know that he LOVED animals...especially CATS!!

He even wrote and illustrated a book about them! What I would give to get hold of this book..but I have searched and I think it is long out of print....I will keep hunting!

Isn't he adorable!

Now I can't forget the most BEAUTIFUL Ava she is with one of her corgis. (This picture comes from the Ava Gardner Museum..thankyou, hope you don't mind me popping this picture on here)

They had apparently an exhibition about her and her dogs, did you know Frank Sinatra (Who was madly in love with her) bought her, her first Corgi.

And here is Ava and James they should have been a real couple!

Do not hesitate and rent, buy or borrow this will NOT be disappointed!

Now I have to get back to it..must not stress , must not stress!

Happy Saturday Bloggers!

s xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Coooeee..still here!

 Hey Bloggers..long time no speak!..Sorry about that, if there is anyone out there, apologies for the lack of posts, life and work just gets in the way sometimes. I'm finding my days and weeks just end up in a blur (feeling stressed)..and then I don't have much of anything interesting to write about. Since I started blogged 5 years ago, I have watched in the wings as other small cute blogs have turned into more of a platform for people to promote themselves and start businesses. The photography looks more and more professional as they change. I must be honest, I still like the cute little blogs the best, where other bloggers like me just write down the occasional waffle, about what they have found in a charity shop, or what their cat or dog has done in the day to make them smile. So if that's the kind of blog you like then you have come to the right place!
Image care of Google search...thankyou
 So back to the business of waffle..OMG how excited am I about this film???? If like me you love anything Wizard of Oz.. seek out the trailer. Its looks the leading man is easy on the eye I can tell you..I'm so intrigued...who is the wicked witch?? I'm thinking I MUST have that poster..did I ever tell you my down stairs cloakroom is a wizard of shrine of sorts..:0) On to another old movie I watched this week called The Uninvited. Its a typical haunted house set up, but I love it as its based in Devon/Cornwall..and is filmed (Although a set) in my dream house.
I think a remastered film is coming that will be worth a watch ...
Anyway bloggers..thanks for visiting my little corner of blogland..I will try to be back soon.
Love Sam and Silkiesuexx

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The Red Shoes
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