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Monday, 31 January 2011

Introducing Stanley...

Why hello there little Pup!...where did you come from...?

How do you do, its a pleasure to meet you too!..

Now theres no need to be sad..I'm sure you won't be alone for long :0(

But you are quite happy and warm...and like to snuggle up on a big bed..

Well young Stanley you just stay there...for now!!

Stanley is made from 100% mohair, fully jointed with cotterpins..stuffed with Kapok and a few little glass beads for a nice texture..made from my own pattern, (He is a relative of Hamish..another toy I have made) He is a lovely warm auburn colour...which I think suits him very much. (A little bit different from Stanley no.1)

Stanley is hopefully moving to Russia, he would like me to tell you that he is really looking forward to living abroad! But for now he is happy to stay snoozing on my bed!

I will be back again shortly - just a mad busy work week last week dear bloggers!!

Be back soon!

Love Sam xx

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Diaries and Stanleys and Cliff...

PSHey Bloggers

Hows you this fine Saturday - well I'm pottering about today..Mr M is flying home from seeing is family..and between you and me and blogland - I am still in my PJ's..:0)

Well I've nothing pressing work wise to do at the moment, but I am starting to make a Stanley for a lady called Olga...

Heres Stanleys bits...

I might start sewing him up this afternoon...

I'm also still fiddling about with my other I'm pulling all my old ones apart, and filing away old notes and things I have collected over the years.

One blogger asked me why I love filofaxes so much.

Well I have always been into - organising - even when I was small. I love having everything in its place, whether its my artwork, or cupboards, well anything really.

So for me filofaxes are a portable filing system - plus you can customise them, cover old ones, use them as scrapbooks..and the more used they get the more I love them!

You see I always have lists too...films I want to watch/buy (I love old movies) things on ebay to look the moment I want a vintage saddle bag, and some old pretty pyrex bowls for my nice new fridge.

And theres music to get  - I have a massive range of music I like - some I won't admit too! (Guilty pleasures...Cliff Richard 1970s...ooopps it slipped out!)

Plus theres my boring work schedule too - could be without my diary for that!

I have also got a lovely Emma Bridgewater calendar, which is brilliant too - just in eye sight at my desk..

Well  - I'm off for more pottering!
Have a great Saturday!

Love Sam xx

PS...I must point out that its a very narrow point of Cliff Richards career that I like - Devil Woman...wired for sound...and ooo duets with Olivia Newton John!!


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sewing and Diaries...

Bit of a random post this one dear Blogger..ooopps sorry how rude of me..

How are you?


First off the sewing machine will be coming out again this weekend, as I have been asked to make a 'Stanley' ...theres a picture of him here on the side bar...

Here is the first bit..

Get all his 'bit and bobs' marked out.. then chop chop chop!

Now I did treat myself to something recently...I have another guilty pleasure...Nope its not all cats and handbags here...


Yup I'm obsessed..

I have a little collection..some old..and recovered...and I have a new baby now..

Why hello there you lovely thing you...and yes you have lots of new inserts for me to play with!!
A personal sized leather filo - in the WHSmith sale...YUM Yumxx

I shall have fun writing in you!

Nighty Night - off for a glass of vino - and a bit of an old Miss Marple film too...

Love Sam x

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Working with a Cat...

Can't get much better..trouble is I can't always always reach the paints..

But I love it when Miss Sue sits and watches with me!

Happy Saturday!

Love Sam x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vintage cook books...

Hey Dear Bloggy Chums..

Hows you today?
Well I'm back in the swing of work - and I have to confess I'm missing the warm fuzzy feeing of the christmas period....even though this year I was getting rather anxious about the pressure of it all..

During the break although I was working from home on my freelance work, I really enjoyed myself - especially due to all the old Christmas Telly I found to watch and a bit of the new too! You see in my little home office  - I have a spare old monitor of Mr M's so I can have TV on as I work - even if I'm just listening I enjoy it. Plus Silkie has now decided that she likes to sit on my lap too...Oh how I miss my dear Cat on a normal work day when I have to go into work!

While I was at home I enjoyed watching Sue and Giles Christmas Special - Living the Good Life..

Clip Here

Sue is a Comedian/Writer Telly person and lovely Giles is a food Critic...(Slight crush alert!)
Hes posh and funny fatal combo as far as I'm concerned...any hoo..I digress,

This programme reminded me that I love all things 1970s...and I really love nostalgic cook books from the 70s too, even though I don't really cook!

Now you'll never see me here on blog land sharing cooking tips like dear Fanny Craddock above...there are plenty of Oooober bloggers that do that...

But you will find my witterings, pictures and general woffle leaking out of my head - with a dash of crafting and nostalgia....
I have recently purchased the above cook book, which is witty and retro, written by Len who invented the Harry Palmer character, portrayed by Michael Cain...(I must point out that Len was also a bit of a graphic designer and illustrated his cooking tips for a UK Newspaper)

Now although its written for a 1960's bachelor...I thought it was brilliant - especially the section about having a party and organising a mini bar......

I will have out of Mad Men - just like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burtons Bar in their house..

What parties must have gone on here?

I also discovered my forgotten love of ...

Morcambe and Wise, a beloved comedy team from the UK, most famous in the 1960's and 1970's..

To be honest, their humour passed me by as I was a little young at the time - but watching them now, as a 30 something - I just love em!

Anyway - I will leave you with a little sketch - there will be some more toy making too - as I have just been commissioned to make a Stanley Dog...

Night night!

Sam xx

Sunday, 9 January 2011


As I'm sat here working away - I am listening to THE BEST album I have listened to for YEARS!!

Do baby animal illustrations and Old School Pop go...


ALL YOU NEED IS NOW - is the albums title...they sound just like they used to when they recorded Rio...

Amazing...If you and the boys want to pop over please do...I'm sure my Husband wouldn't mind!

Love Sam xx

Thursday, 6 January 2011


How did I miss this?

DURAN DURAN have a new album out!!!

I have literally been rocking out in the bathroom to their new single...All you need is now...

Oooo lovely John Taylor...ooooooooooo

I love you!!

I feel 12 again...

I had posters of them all over the place...

Right I'm off to I tunes...that Album will be mine..

Take that? bah...

I'm a duranie!

Sam xx

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Phew - thats Christmas over with..

First things first - Happy New Year Bloggers xx

But phew - glad thats all over with..

Literally everyone in mine and husbands family have had this kinda of swine flu thing - there was me going - oooo I haven't had a cold for over a year,  and poof - a runny nose I blamed on too much Nandos Sauce turned into a cold..yuck - nothing compared but still made me feel rough...

(Thanks very much antibac wipes/ spray etc etc..)....:0)

So heres to the new year - everyone getting better....warm evenings - birds tweeting...

And theres always my real favourite time of year to look forward to again - lovely Autumn ...

where did that go to?

See u soon

Love me and Miss Silkie Sue ...who has been stuck to my lap all day, I think she fed up of me still working!!


Right I'm off for a MASSIVE glass of wine :0)

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The Red Shoes
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