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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Silent Owl..

A little picture book I worked on a while back seems to have been entered into a competition..

you can see it here..Peoples Book if you have time or have read it and liked it you can vote for us here!

Happy hump day bloggers..

Sam xx

Monday, 20 August 2012

Magic Margin..

Well here I go on another ebay hunt for my Murder she Wrote typewriter..fingers crossed xxHappy Monday!

Image care of Google, thankyou!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Today I'm lovin...

my new digital tablet...I've been trying it out on some fashion illustrations..this one is loosely based on Lily van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl..AKA Kelly Rutherford..

I can't stop watching Murder she Wrote...
I would love to live in Cabots Cove...

and live here in Jessica's house..

and I would love to get my hands on this

this is the actual typewriter...(Thanks google image search)

and I absolutely love this..

Wicked Witch Barbie....where am I gonna get her from?

Happy Sunday Bloggers!

S x

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lost and Found

Did I ever mention that I'm sentimental? I loved my childhood....(my senior school was a whole lot of rubbish) ..but up until the age of was great.

I kept all of my favourite best as I could. Ginger my bear used to sit on my bed..or in my bed, I loved him as I thought we were a similar colour...he was soft and felt nice..and had a sweet face.

Then as a 16 year old, we were asked to bring in old childhood toys for an art project at college..and Ginger came along..I painted a big A3 picture of him..then I forgot about him.

I don't know what happened..I can't remember. I think he probably ended up in a box, a cupboard..I can't remember..distracted by other things..boys and parties, dear old Ginger got lost at college.

Then..about 4 or 5 days ago, as I was meandering about ebay..I was looking at old toys, I wasn't looking for anything especially..then I spotted a little face from long ago..

I thought he looked liked Ginger..maybe he would be a different colour..or size..but I took a chance and popped a £10 bid on.....and I won!

Today I came home from work, and as soon as I saw the size of the parcel I was hopeful..not too big..just about the right I unwrapped the parcel...

Dear sweet old Ginger had found his way home...22 years later.....


Friday, 3 August 2012

Phew what a week..

Hey Dear Bloggers hows you? Well I've had better weeks I can tell lets move on to some random woffle about me..

1. I love animals, especially cats..I would have an ark if I could. If I had a magic power it would be to make animal cruelty vanish forever.

2. I'm a handbag addict..and I would love a real Hermes Handbag.

3. I love Gossip Girl, and all things New York.

4. I would love to live in Carmel California..and be a hippy cat in a house on stilts by the ocean, and I would be friends with Kim Novak.

5. I think Kelly Rutherford from GG, is one of the most stylist lovely ladies walking the planet. Hello Kelly if you ever read this!

6. I love the supernatural, all things Halloween.

7. I have a shrine to the Wizard of Oz in my downstairs loo..(Cloakrooms can be sooo boring don't you think?)

8. I hate bullying, in any I'd use my magic powers to get rid of that too..its a shame when you encounter it when you are grown up too, and it can be worse sadly.

9. I love old vintage movies..all kinds but have a soft spot for disaster movies from the 1970s.

10. I love my husband..he helps me tremendously..and always encourages me with my 'colouring in'

Happy Friday dear Bloggers..hope you are safe and well where ever you are.x

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The Red Shoes
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