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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well - here we are, the spookiest night of the year...

I'm having a few friends and around tonight for a little bit of food and some drinkies...then its
up early tomorrow to put our pictures up in Starbucks...

So dear bloggers - have a wonderful cozy Halloween....I'll be back soon!

Love Sam xx

Friday, 30 October 2009

Now, make friends and play nicely...


Now a little while ago I did a little spot of colouring in for Nicky of The Vintage Magpie and in exchange Nicky kindly offered to make me one of her beautiful toys.

And boy oh boy was I pleased - but I think Miss Sue has to get used to a doggy being about - especially as he has decided to live on my bed! He also came to work with me too...and everyone squealed at him...

And if like me even at the grand ole age of 36, you still love toys...go buy one of Nicky's , they are the most beautiful creations and beautifully made........ :0)

And now for a busy weekend...I am having a small Halloween Buffet tomorrow night for some close friends and on Sunday we are hanging our paintings in the Bath Starbucks, in aid of the bath Cats and Dogs I will show you pictures of them asap...

So hope you are all feeling spooky...and thanks so much again for stopping by my blogxxx

Heres a Blogging Halloween Hug to you :0)

Love Sam xx

Monday, 26 October 2009

Getting Ready

for our painting exhibition in Bath Starbucks...
Small panic today - not REALLY sure how to hang all our pictures...there just seems to be some wire on the wall but we will HAVE to figure it out.

So if all goes to plan by mid morning mine Mr M's, Ags, Carolyns and hopefully one picture from Simon (another 'artbot') I work withs pictures will be on display for sale at a reasonable price...all proceeds to go to the Bath Cat's and Dog's home....

I will post a picture of our efforts early next week!

Nighty Night!
S xx

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Me and Mr M were planning on going to the Flix last night - but as we went out for t early we had some time to kill and ended up in Asda, when Mr M picked up a film and suggested we just went home to see it... Now I love films and we have quite a huge collection, and its quite rare to see something that you just love straight off - just like CORALINE!!!

I LOVED it - it was like somebody crept in my head and wrote a story for me...spooky weird, spooky music and a spooky cat!!
Then I remembered that ages ago in blogland there was a Coraline Swap organized (Gosh I would have LOVED to have taken part in that one) so if you haven't seen it and like me love the Strange and unusual just in time for Halloween - then rent it!

Happy Sunday!

oooo I loved the button for eyes!!

PS The Coraline Dolly above was made by a lady on if you see this hope you don't mind me showing your photograph and hope you can make me one!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

It felt a bit 'Christmassy' last night...

Weird or what - Halloween isn't even with us yet, but last night here in the Mcphillips house it definately felt a little festive. I don't know whether it was the fairy lights or the wind and the rain...I'm not sure but it really did - I even expected to see the Christmas tree up! This Autumn really does seem to be apon us much quicker this year and my Tulip Tree in the garden has nearly lost all its leaves!

But I'm taking it easy this weekend - not going to rush about too much, as I am trying to get rid of my sniffles - that have been lingering about for a week now!!

Have a cozy weekend bloggers!

Love Sam xx

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Now, don't be shy now...

Well apart from catching the dreaded 'Man Flu' I have been a little busy with my sewing I would like to introduce you to the first 'Ginger Wine Pup' Pip!

Now Pip is a little shy, and a little grumpy with me as I had promised her some more spots, but I kinda liked her as she is. She stands 11 inches tall, and is part Airedale Terrier. She loves a tickle under the chin, and a snooze in a crochet blanket...some thing I could do with a bit more this week!

Hope you all have better luck avoiding those pesky germs!
Avoiding the sneezes ;0)

Sam xx

Friday, 16 October 2009

Watch Out Watch Out!...

Theres MAN FLU about!

Yes Mr M has had the most awful cold poor I have decided to bodge together a curry to see if he can taste any thing!
Luckily I have no signs at all at getting man flu, and he has been banished to the spare room... (Don't feel too sorry for him, the spare room is actually robs home office - where I have made him a cozy comfy bed, plus his mac and all his book and things are there!)

So if you have time to spare, rob has loaded his pictures that he painted for the local animal charity...and there are more to come! I know he would like to have some visitors to his blog - plus hes rather good at drawing :0)

Happy Friday!

Sam xx

Thursday, 15 October 2009

I just have to get a Vintage Suitcase

Ooooo every month it seems I have a "thing" something that I want or want to make...This month for the hundreth time I'm lusting after a new filofax...I spotted one in paper chase that keeps on playing on my mind, as needle felting is too! But I'm a bit busy with my free time...I have a few pictures to paint and I'm a bit distracted watching old movies that I have recorded off of TCM in the evenings...and the Sue gets on my lap too you see so I can't move.

But Oooo I soooo want a vintage suitcase...and just love the idea of making a craft case....YUM!

Shall I get one???

xxx Happy Thursday xx

Monday, 12 October 2009

Any Ghost Stories?

Well I said it was going to get a bit spooky round these parts.. I love a good spooky tale and I have been racking my brains for one to tell you..they always sound so much better in my head than when I write them down or say them out loud!

The only one I can think of, happened to me when I was about 17.

I was asked to babysit for a friend of my dads who was house sitting in an old manor house, in the woods near Bideford (Devon) on the cliff. (Seriously!)

I was like 'ok!' whatever!, there were about 6 dogs to keep me company too so I thought that would be ok.

It was like the house in the Disney film 'Watcher in the Woods' (No one has probably heard of this film), but can I tell you what I was greeted by.

STUFFED the hall up the stairs...a big bear - tiger heads you name it it was there. The house was a mini version of the national trust house - tyntesfield, there was a ball room, a lift and a pantry with food in it from the 1940s!

But I was ok - they had SKY tv - which back then I thought was the best thing ever - 6 cute dogs, snuggled up by me, and my mum had made me a cheesecake to scoff. So there I was watching MTV all alone in a room that had loads of armchairs and a Grandpiano in the corner (Which I had to play chopsticks on !), and an open fire.....and I could sometimes hear the horses snuffling in the stables.

My Dad even said he would stay but I was ok, I liked and like my own company, plus I wasn't there that late and my parents lived nearby.... and after I baby sat a couple more times..with nothing odd at all happening .

A couple of months went by and my parents friend moved out, and when I saw her again she asked me something.

"So Sam , were you ok in the Morning Room, did any thing odd happen?

"No" I replied

"That's good then" she said

"I didn't want to say anything, but the Piano in the Morning Room likes to play itself sometimes...both me and my little girl heard it a few times, but I didn't want to mention anything in case you didn't come back"

"Oh , I said"

Luckily I didn't!

Night Night !

Sam xx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

An honest opinion....please?

Look what my dear husband bought me..

THE BAG I have been lusting after! Now yes I have a lap top that I also LOVE, but I don't actually
carry it about with me. Now why you may wonder, did I want a laptop bag.

Well just cause - I liked the shape and the pockets and the strap, and I thought I could use is as my 'school bag'
as I carry about sketch books and projects and bits and bobs.

But then Rob says...

"um thats a LAPTOP bag, I thought you could put your LAPTOP in it..??

But what do you think..

Will I look a complete plum carrying a bag with no computer?

Really be honest ;0)

Ta !

sam xx

PS I have another kitton...can you spot her?
I just had to have her for Halloween...even Rob squealed!

PPS Its going to be getting very Halloweeny round here at Silkiesues xx

Saturday, 10 October 2009

A kiss on the nose..

well more of a couple of licks actually..
thats how I was woken up this morning by Miss Sue...Oh and the fact that she walks over and over and OVER my head REALLY
early in the morning so much that the other night I had to go to bed with a woolly hat on as I was convinced I would have no hair left on my head!

But I was quite pleased to wake up early today as the morning is absolutely beautiful, we seem to be having a proper Autumn this year, it reminds me of when I was about 11 on half term, playing in my mum and dads garden, convinced that I might be a Witch and dragging a rubbish garden broom about, as we didn't have a proper 'witchy' one.

I also LOVED the worse witch books, the illustrations really got my imagination going...

So I think in honor of my favourite time of year those spooky DVD's are going to have to come out..

Mmmmm whose up for watching a bit of Hocus Pocus...

I'm never growing up.....EVER!!

Sam xxx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What lovely messages! (And a To do List)

Thankyou dear blogging chums for your birthday messages! :0) So sweet of you!

I did very well, and received very nice presents...including some CK vouchers that are burning a hole in my pocket BIG TIME.. but I must think carefully before I spend them...but on what..on what? I really LOVE the laptop bag..(I don't actually carry my laptop around with me, but the bag is so cute....oh the dilema!!)

And I have a massive TO DO list...

1. Learn needle felting as quickly as possible..and then make hundreds of animals..;0) (joking!)

2. Paint animal pictures for our Charity Exhibition in Starbucks for Nov 1st and frame them

3. Sort out 1970s' buffet menu for my HALLOWEEN party!

4. Sort out my costume for the above..

5. Try and make some kind of choice on what to buy with my vouchers!!

6. Message lovely bloggers ;0)

Happy autumny Tuesday!

Love Sam xx

Friday, 2 October 2009

Some Early Birthday Pressi's....

My Birthday is tomorrow, but when I got into work today my desk was decorated with bunting (handmade by Ag and Carolyn) and there was beautifully wrapped gifts and cards ...I was most spoilt!

Carolyn gave me some lovely Greengate salt and pepper pots, and made me a beautiful cushion, hand stitched with gorgeous doggies on. Ag gave me a HUGE scented candle and a CATH KIDSTON voucher....YUM!!

Simon...bless him gave me a Double Decker...and made me a birthday card (My head was photoshopped onto Barbara Streisands head on the Guilty Album she made with Barry Gibb from the Bees Gees who I LOVE!

So thankyou my dearest friends for your kind thoughtful presents...I was very spoiled!)

Sam xx

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm back...and...

Its here! I LOVE it..
Don't get me wrong I had a lovely week in Turkey - It was very hot but I was sensible and kept in the shade (as I'm a ginger...and sunburnt Gingers is NOT a good thing) but I swam and swam, in the deep deep sea...trying to ignore my husband humming the Jaws feam toon ;0)

We met a lovely couple too, so spent a few boozy evenings with them, and it was nice to sit outside in the evening.

There were the most beautiful gravity defying bodies/people posing round the pool, I think I looked more like a pale ginger vampire, bitten to death by mozzies sat in the shade!!

Ooo and I missed The Sue something dreadful, I kept worrying that she was too cold, or not eating...but she was absolutely fine in her cat hotel.

And my hypnosis CD to help me with my fear of flying WORKED! It really did I was amazed, as you see I normally picture myself in my own disaster film...

So I hope you are all well this lovely cozy evening...I will be back soon with my 'to do' list for October!

Sam xxx

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