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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A couple of thankyous...


Sorry this is going to be a quick posting tonight, I have been having some technical issues as I am still having bother linking your blogs...I will get there but I will have to just write them for tonight.

So thankyou from Silkie Sue to Tom (and Toms mum Willow) at Tea with Willow for sending us a lovely Valentine gift! Silkie literally opened her pressi herself...(thankyou for the chocolates too xxxx)

And to Sian at Diary of a TIny Holder for the blog award..I will have to load the photos up properly hopefully tomorrow as my eyes are failing me now!!

So my dear blogging chums , I will have to say night night...

Have Sweet Dreams !!

Love Sam and Silkie Sue xxx

PS Thankyou for your kind words of encouragement on my last posting xxx ;0)


rachel the krafty girl said...

Thankyou!you shouldnt of!
i was so suprised by your sweet gift.
i have hung the pretty heart on my bed!
you have really made my day.
thanks so much.


Hollypop's said...

Did you crochet that throw on the back of your sofa?
The cushion in the previous posting looks great. I know what you mean about looking at other blogs and seeing lots of lovely things and homes, mine's still in mid conversion so that can be really frustrating at times because it's not just a matter of a lick of paint.
Take care and enjoy your day.

ag said...

wow I love to see Silkie being so happy!
Thank you that YOU ARE! you're super friend

Tea with Willow said...

Glad Silkie liked her pressie! My cats have these little treats too ... they go bonkers for the cat nip!

Willow x

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