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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Silkie Sues Christmas Giveaway..

Well I'm back again Bloggers...there isn't enough time in the day at the mo..with working and freelancing I don't have much time to visit and read blogs, but to say thankyou, for stopping by my little spot of blogland..I have a little friend of mine who is looking for a new home for Christmas.

Little Sue is made of mohair, and has a felt body. She has little glass beads in her tummy, and a hand painted tag.

So if you would like to be entered please leave me a message by 11th December, and link the little pic above on your blog...

And I have nearly finished Illustrating my first Children's picture book so I will keep you posted about that too!!

Happy Saturday Dear Bloggers

Love Sam xx

Thursday, 18 November 2010

New Blog to look at ..

Ooo I wanted to let you know about this delicious blog I have come across called Piewacket

I haven't really had much time to explore it, but I love it...I love finding new blogs as my interests change...

Happy Thursday

Love Sam xx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Its gonna be cold and wet today in the UK..

Stay warm bloggers...

and I will try to stop my hair looking like Monica's from Friends...

Happy Hump Day!

S xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I'm so OVER Cath Kidston..


Yes I have a new love..Caths older edgier sister...


But seriously..I thought Cath Kidston was expensive is it?
I went to Debenhams today and touched this bag...I carry alot with me to work everyday..stuff, work, laptop,  annndd oooo look at this lovely laptop bag?

Its lovely and is deep enough to carry my wacom tablet too, with all of the cables..unlike the CK I had..much too narrow cath..

I'm off to dream...

Happy Tuesday

Love Sam x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Dark Monday Morning...

Hey Bloggers...

Well my brain woke me up today at 5am, and I couldn't get back to sleep, its very difficult to relax when you know you've got to get off to work at 7.30!

I ended up laying awake thinking how odd Facebook is really..I very nearly erased myself from it a few days ago, for one, I'm not photogenic at all....

Then I got to thinking that its kind of like a time machine really, old friends, from long ago, who you have lost touch with years ago, suddenly appearing....

So hello if you have found me, and stumble across this micro bit of blogland...

But must dash bloggers...busy busy week, lots of work on xx

I will hopefully poop...I'm mean pop back soon...:0)

Sam xx

PS..couldnt resist leaving that typo :0)

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bargins and Baubles...

Is it me, or is Christmas this year getting here quicker?
Seriously, I'm sure years ago, Halloween was ages away from Christmas...but this year it seems too close?

Do you know what I mean?
And ooo with that comes the yearly Christmas Anxiety...yep its just starting creeping in..

The pressure for a christmas to be like this.....

When its more like this!...( good ole Bridget!)

Stuffed and a bit tipsy, sat on the sofa..

I think its my own fault really, looking at all the posh Christmas mags..and looking about on websites....arghhhhhhhhhhhh...

So heres a challenge, say No to feeling Christmas Pressure...

If you want to sit in your jimjams, thats fine by me...and let your home get messy too, yay!
and lets bring on un-coordinated Christmas Dec's too...

After all its just one day isn't it?

Any way...enough of that...we've still got a few weeks left!

Now heres onto the first bargain of the week..

Mulberry ish Leather Alexa bag..£30 squid Ebay...

Vintage Hidesign Satchel...for Mr M..£5.00 (Charity Shop)

And (not a bargain) but a wonderful pressi from Mr original sculpture, by Joanne very own doggy..

He will keep and eye on Miss Sue, when we are at workxx

I keep expecting him to move...

Happy unstressy Saturday Bloggers

Love Sam xx

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Ooo I should be working but I've drifted back on the WWW, but I just had to share with you a programme that I had forgotten about..which is very Christmassy and spooky...

The Children of Green Knowe..

I haven't seen this since 1986, it was shown on a Wednesday afternoon on BBC1 here in the UK, after John Cravens newsround.

I discovered it as You Tube is a brilliant sort of TV channel, and I have it on as I work.

I have watched all 4 episodes, and it was really lovely, and made me well up in I thought I would share it with you, especially if like me you like a bit of nostalgia, from the 80's, like The Box of Delights...

Oh and if you have any tips about recreating the smell of Christmas trees...that would be great...


s xx

Question Dear Bloggers...?

Well after reading my very posh Homes and Antiques Christmas Magazine, the yearly christmas tree question popped into my head...

Real Tree vs Fake Tree?

Now I LOVE real Chrismas Trees but I have never really been very good at looking after them, and they give me a rash!

But you just can't beat the smell of them can you, so I was wondering if anyone out there in Blogland can recommend a really good fake smelly thing that I can use?

So if you have time to message me that would be great!

Bye for now!

love Samx

PS I was thinking of emailing the publishers of Homes and Antiques with a new idea for a about Everyday Homes at Christmas?...I'd love to see that :0)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Happy Saturday Bloggers..

Heres today's illustration effort...I'm busy busy at the moment, as well as working on my first picture book, I'm trying to think up new ideas its a bit of an Owly theme at the mo!

I have bought my first Christmas Magazine..I couldn't resist the free Christmas CD.. Love em!

Normally I avoid the 'higher' end mags like Homes and Antiques, as they can make me feel a tad 'lower class' look at our HUGE mansion, you too can decorate just like us! Ummm well I can't..your Kitchen is the same size as my entire ground floor...

But, the pictures are pretty...and I can't resist pretty pictures of Christmas Trees...

And it weirdly felt a bit Christmassy today....its coming Bloggers!!
Happy Saturday

Love from me and Twit n Twoo!


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Happy Windy Wednesday Bloggers!!

(Not the bottom kind!!)

Love Sam..

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
Cath Kidston is too Much