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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Thankyou Thankyou! For my Valentine dear Ag!

Wow...I don't know what to say, but what I will say is a huge thankyou to my dear friend Ag who I was paired with for the Valentine Swap. I must explain that although Ag and I entered the swap separately we were paired together...and we see each other every day at work!

But that didn't matter, and I am now sat here with my mouth open at the lovelyness that Ag has sent me and more importantly painted for me for Valentines..... the most beautiful painted picture with me and Mr M and the Sue!!!

Now I have to find a really good spot to hang it !!

I also got 3 lovely little Cath Kidston mirrors...cuteness and the sweetest card!

So please my dear blogging chums, visit Ags blog (On Planet Ag) she is an amazing illustrator and a very lovely person too xxx

Happy Valentines Day



Shabby Chick said...

How sweet is that card, really made me smile to see the inside! I bet it saved a bit of p&p having you two paired together lol. Lovely stuff.

Mel xxx

gingerwine said...

We still posted our swaps!!

Hollypop's said...

How lovely is that card. Lucky you. Enjoy your day.

Tea with Willow said...

What lovely Valentine's surprises - I love the card!

Willow xx

ag said...

Sweet Sam thank you so much for my lovely gift!
did you know that a little dog on the card is a magnet?
love xxxxxxx ag

rachel the krafty girl said...

that is the sweetest swap present!its so thoughtful.

im hoping that it just got delayed somewhere and that i will get it soon,time will tell i guess!

Lavender hearts said...

Haha, it doesn't look like that all the time! :-) That's where I work in Worthing - we live 30 miles in land. It's lovely to be able to pop to the beach during my lunch break though! :-)

The sewing room said...

Thank you for your lovely comment i your gifts you are a lucky lady enjoy the rest of your weekend best wishes Pat

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