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Monday, 2 February 2009

And the Winners are....

Good Evening...

Well SIlkie and I have been busy and the Silkie Sue Raffle has been drawn (with the help of Mr M) without any more dilly dallying here are the results...............

In First Place
Lavender Hearts (Diary of a tiny holder)

In Second Place
Rachel the Krafty Gal

In Third Place
Flossie and Tom

and because I just missed putting your name in the pot a late Forth Reserve prize to...
Mary Poppins...

Thankyou sooo much for popping over and leaving me such lovely comments...and ladies I will message you
but could you email me your full postal addresses and I will forward the little treats to youxxxx

Lots of love Sam and Silkie Sue xx


Little Knitter Gem said...

Aww well done all you who won!! Silkie Sue looks adorable!! Hope you're enjoying the snow!! :)

Gemma x x

Shabby Chick said...

Well done to the winners! (note to Silkie Sue: I want my bribe money back!!!)

mel xxx

Lavender hearts said...

Ahhh, Silkie Sue is so clever just like Rosie kits. :-)

I'm so chuffed to bits! :-) Can't wait to receive my goodies!

MaryPoppins said...

Well done to all the wonderful winners, well deserved :)

Ohooo Silky and Sam, please don't go to any trouble of sending me anything you little sweethearts, lets face it I was rather pushing it wasn't I :)

Though if you really, really want to :)


Flossie and Tom said...

Thanks so much Silkie and Sue - having problems sending my address to you - email keeps bouncing back - will try again in the morning


Lavender hearts said...


I've tried to reply to your email but it keeps bouncing.



Tea with Willow said...

Well done everyone!! You can tell Silkie Sue feels really important being in charge of the raffle!!

Willow xx

LissyLou said...

Congrats girlies!! x

rachel the krafty girl said...

wow!i am sooo happy,i was having a bit of a blue week so far,but thats really perked me up!!

thanks so much for running your giveaway



rachel the krafty girl said...

ive just tried to email you,and my emails keep bouncing back too =(


Jemm said...

Congratuslations to you all!

Jemm said...

i spel sew gud

Liz said...

What an adorable kitty!

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The Red Shoes
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