and a little bit about me too!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ideas please? xxx (and thankyou!)


Thanks so much for playing the 'pay it forward ' game
The 3 ladies who will be receiving little pictures when I have the frames are..


So thanks for that - will more than likely be sending those off next week!

I have also been busy working on a few little pics for the Gingerwine Gallery
there will be florals and other pretty bits and bobs, teacups and flowers, maybe some animals...cats and dogs...

If you can think of any other things, I would be really grateful if you could let me know any ideas... or anything you may like...xxxx

Mr M is reminding me that he , well we are supposed to be watching 'The Wire' ...which isn't too much of a chore as
the delicious Dominic West is in it....yum!

Nighty night!!!

S xx

PS and don't forget about the Free Style Swap...thats really a reminder for me!! ;0)

Monday, 27 April 2009

Pay it Forward...

Hello Lovely Bloggers...

Here I am again, and as promised a little pay it forward post....

I have 3 little pictures..which will be framed and I will send them to the first 3 people to comment, providing you
also play 'Pay it forward'... remembering to send something to your first 3 blogger comments!

I am more than happy to post abroad too..I just need to get some picture frames nearer the weekend then I will post them to you xxx

Fun isn't it! I love all this swapping and blogging!

Happy Monday!

Lots of love Sam xx

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Busy, Busy Busy

Well, here I am just sat down after wizzing about the house tidying and cleaning for my In laws this weekend..(They are lovely company!) Mr M was brilliant helping clean and polish..

I can't show you what I have been up to as they are a bit of a surprise for 3 lady bloggers...all I will say is that the old faithful paintbrush has been put to good use (I hope!)

I must also say sorry for not organizing my pay it forward post..I think I was planning a bit too much for this week as I work full time too, so if you can bear with me I promise to list it next week sometime...

I don't think I will be able to blog again til sunday ish...but I wish you a lovely weekend..

Thankyou for such nice comments about Mr M's work, and watch this space regarding my little blog shop, hope to have some things listed in the next few weeks.....

Lots of Love , Sam , Silkie S, and Mr M xx

Monday, 20 April 2009

Bell Book and Candle

I know I know...its a tad early for Halloween and Witchy things, but if you have never seen Bell Book and Candle the film
please please rent it and watch it. Its wonderful...gentle humor set in the 60's with a pussy cat and witch, looking for love!

So heres the thing, My Hubby, Mr M had wanted to practice a new 'vintage' style of painting and wanted a new subject to work on and this is what he came up with, why Kim Novak as Gillian the Witch with her familar Pyewacket..

So I thought you would like to see...If anyone else can think of any good vintage subjects I know he would love to hear from you...

Love Sam xxx

PS keep your eyes peeled for my Pay it forward post!

Oh and THANKYOU for all of the LOVELY really spur me on and I really appreciate it xxxx

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Thankyou !

Hello to you on this lovely sunny sunday here in Keynsham!
Well thankyou for your words of encouragement regarding my little blog shop...I think I will
have a go so I will have to get a few bits and bobs together and see if any one wants something.
Mr M suggested large prints, little prints in frames and original artwork framed...and little cards.

So that will be something to keep me busy busy, plus 2 swaps to prepare (to the 2 ladies concerned , I have already put
my paintbrush to paper!) and a pay it forward to post!
Yes I couldn't resist leaving a message at Sew Hot Mit Mot and as I was one of the first 3 , I will be getting a little something, so in turn I have to 'pay it forward'. so look out for that in the next few days!

I thought I would also leave you a photo of my husband Mr M working hard in the garden today, whist I blogged drinking a couple of bottles of Stella!

Oh and thankyou to Sian (Diary of a TInyholder) for teaching me to link nearly !!


Love Sam xx

Thursday, 16 April 2009

What do you think of a Blog Shop?

for my paintings?

Just had an idea after seeing some of your blog shops...

Wondered if any one would be interested in little paintings framed and little note cards?
Pretty, vintage inspired things... not too expensive?

Any advice or thoughts would be very welcome!


And Nighty night!

Love Sam xxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Its Time to SWAP!!!

Hello Lovely Ladies
Here it is...sorry to have kept you waiting for the list but I have just got home from work!

Now every one has been randomly paired up (I have listed you as your main name appears when you leave a comment) its your turn to make contact with your new or old blog chum, swap emails, and get to know your partner. You can get in touch via the message here on my original blog post for the swap...any problems please let me know, and I will try to assist!

Just remember to have fun!

So here no particular order... and I really hope I have done this right?!

Bagladee and Ag
Michelle and Hollypops
Flossie and Tom and Jemm
Lavender Hearts and Clare (daisydarlingmillinery)
Tatty Mum and Blueberry Heart
Debbie (Country Home and Heart) and Claire (Dolly Dollop)
Rachel (Contented.typepad) and Periwinkle
Vintage Girl and Rubys Mammax
Bobo Bun and Molly Cupcakes
Floss and Thecraftytrundler
Country Bliss and Lyn
Thrifty Mrs and LissyLou
TipTop and Nicola
Emily Pickle and Sue
Summer by the Sea and saraeden
smilernpb and Pink Feather Paradise
bekimarie and Pixiedust
bex and Steph@hookandscumble
Calicodaisy and Sarah
Janette and Tracy x

Now as there was an odd swap number I promised to do 2 swaps!

Gingerwine (me!) and Lou
Gingerwine (Me again) and Shabby Chick

Well I hope you like your swap partner and if you can aim to send your 'Swap off sometime in the beginning week of May that would be great (Just let your fellow swapper know if there is a problem)

Just going to check I havent missed anyone...I'm a bit nervous now!

Lots of Love to you all and thankyou for joining in xxx


Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Mini Break and trip to the Theatre....

Happy Easter !
Me and Mr M have just returned from the big smoke, and what fun we had!
Friday, we went to the O2 to see Stars Wars..played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Saturday, The Tower of London, followed by a meal out and then....the most amazing Theatre experience you could want.

We went to see...The Woman in Black.


If you haven't read the story (Its by Susan Hill) and you like something a bit, well a lot spooky then this is for you!
Its about a young solicitor who is instructed to sort the affairs out of an old spinster lady whose house is on a causeway, sometimes blocked by the tide...I won't say any more as Its a brilliant story!

And here I am cooking us a bit of T, waiting for Murder at the Gallop (an old Miss Marple film) and thought I would do a spot of blogging.

Also, don't forget...please leave a message by the end of tomorrow for the Freestyle blog swap!
Thrilled to bits with the response...

Don't eat too many eggs!!
Love Sam xx

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A Belated thankyou to Ruth (and a blog book!)

This is a rather delayed thankyou to Ruth from Tip Top (Still can't link blogs - so sorry!) who I was paired with to do a Heart Swap by Molly Cupcakes..

Well I received a lovely parcel full of handmade goodies (With a heart theme!) I especially loved the beautiful embellished heart
paper clips which will go to good use here....

my new blog book! (A nasty old A5 Filofax that I covered and sewed on my lunch break - much to the amusement of my 2 work chums!)

So I will take some more pics later of my goodies in use..(Ruth I have hung the lovely fabric heart in my craft room aka the box room and can see it from here!)

Before I sign off - I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to those of you who signed so far for the Free Style swap...I will post the pairings up here on Tuesday next week...

And If I don't have chance before the weekend...have a fab Easter Break xxx

Lots of Love Sam and 'The Sue!'


Monday, 6 April 2009

Freestyle Blog Swap!

Well hello my dear friends...I have been uming and arrring about the subject for this swap, and then (With and idea that my dear friend Ag suggested) I thought we should have a go at a Freestyle Blog Swap.

We all do and make , and like different things. I suppose I'm my most confident colouring in, with a little bit of basic crocheting thrown in, but I don't think there should be one theme, just something that your blog partner will like and something you are confident to do. So for example it could be a little box of things you have made (Now remember you don't have to spend much...don't spend anything!) or maybe one big thing...maybe something like a cushion or anything!

The main thing is that you consider what you think you partner will like, and just make it pretty!

Hope thats ok?

Oh and if we end up with an odd number, I will post 2 swaps (Fingers crossed anyone enters now!)

So If anyone fancies a go, please could you leave me a message here by Monday 13th April, and I will randomly swap people together.... and to hopefully aim to post swaps off sometime in the week beginning 4th May?

Lots of love
Sam xx

Sunday, 5 April 2009

A sensitive Silkie and Swaps

Well here I am on Sunday morning 10 to Seven, with a lemsip - I seem to have Mr M's Cold grrr
Any way me and The Sue decided that we may as well do a spot of blogging...

Just wanted a bit of advise really, as you all know, I love Cats and especially Miss Sue. She really is the sweetest little companion and I wouldn't be without her. But Silkie is a sensitive shy pussy cat, and when I have anyone to stay, she hides. I mean its like she is terrified of anyone else, so on the rare occasion when we do have any one to stay, I do find it rather stressful, as I'm more concerned about upsetting Silkie - which is ridiculous I know. She does have lots of hiding places, but her usual and favourite hiding spot (My Bedroom) won't be available as our visitors will be in it

So do any of you have sensitive Pussy Cats and what do you do? Its just that we have a few visitors to stay soon and It stresses me out.

Oh and before I forget to ask...would anyone be interested in another swap? I have a few Ideas for a let me know I don't mind organising it!

Love Snotty Sam xx

PS - Thankyou Sian for your tips about quilt making - xx

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Making and Swapping

I have been lucky enough to have been involved in 3 swaps and I have also won 1 fab giveaway. Its funny cause I get much more pleasure from participating from these as I would do any day shopping. I used to many years ago, love visiting shopping malls and trawling the shops, but now it fills me with dread, and I would much rather go to the local charity shops
sit at home with Mr M and Miss Sue, pottering about, reading Blogs, making and painting things...

Which brings me on to this, did any of you see on the TV this week about the Make Do and Mend campaign that ran during WW2?There was a little clip on the telly, and I managed to see a couple of things, a beautiful dressing gown made of scraps, and a babys cot made from 2 chairs back to back, with a kind of square thingy made from an old sack put over it - just brilliant!

Anyway, apparently there is an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London, so as I am visiting 'The City' shortly I think I may have a visit. (I do also enjoy reading about History, so it won't just be about my vintage addition!)

So here I am, early on a Saturday, writing a list about all the things I want to do..and was just wondering if there are
any more swaps coming up...

Cause I'm addicted!

Happy Saturdayxxx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thankyou Rachel! x

A big big box arrived , and I collected it from the post office today.
I knew something was coming, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I unwrapped it!
A lovely basket packed with pretty wrapped presents all with an Easter Theme.

I put my name down for an Easter Swap at Heidis Blog, and I was lucky to be paired with Rachel (The Krafty Gal - and I'm so sorry I still can't add a link on my old laptop!)

I received some beautiful handmade things as well as a hop along little bunny, a heart Cat Nip toy for The Sue (Hand Knitted!), lots of lovely chocolate eggs that I have had to hide from Mr M, a yankee candle and a hand decorated candle holder, a Beautiful needle pointed darling little bunny, with a little knitted dress! and a lovely card (I think that is every thing!)

So I have placed it in my favorite spot where I spend most of my time, so I can sit and look at the lovely basket.

I am very lucky.

Lots of Love to you Rachel...

and a Ma Ow from Silkie xxxx

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
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