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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bedfellows Crochet Bear...any tips...

Really quick post, as yet again I'm shattered and really have to go to bed, but wanted to show you my next crochet a bedfellow bear from the stitch and bitch book.

Now I'm getting on 'ok' with the Granny Squares...but has anyone crocheted a little toy like this and if so do you have any tips???

The pattern looks a bit 'full on'

Nighty night

Love Sam xx


Lavender hearts said...

So cute! Sorry I can't help you with the pattern! I'd love to be able to Crochet. I'm hoping to go on a course at the end of March...can't wait that long! LOL

Tina said...

how adorable!

ps, your cats are the cutest! i'm really missing my kitty now...

rachel the krafty girl said...

ahh thats cute!i havent a clue how to crochet so i wouldnt even know where to begin!
btw!im sending you a little something to say thankyou for thinking of me!it may be some time as im making part of it!lol


Surfer Rosa said...

He's really cute! I wouldn't worry too much as it's not like a wearable where it has to be a certain size - if you do go a bit wrong he would just look quirkier!

I would be inclined to skip the colour changes for a first attempt and make him in just one solid colour. Also if using a dark colour yarn you have to really keep your stitches nice and tight to prevent the stuffing from showing through (I give the yarn a little tug after each stitch).
Have fun x

Shabby Chick said...

Aww thanks Sam, I'm really glad you think I should go for it!

Sorry, I'm no help with the bear but that one is awfully cute!

Mel xxx

sadie said...

no help here either I'm afraid, but I love the little bear!

Sadie C

Jemm said...

I have always wanted to knit things like this. I tried to knit a penguin once. It didn't make it :( . Sorry, I'm no help with crochet. Good luck, it's adorable!

Hollypop's said...

He is so cute. I've never tried to follow a crochet pattern so I'm no help - sorry!
Enjoy the weekend.

scrap-n-away said...

Hi Sam,
I am your swap partner for the winter basics and baubles swap. I am excited to be your partner I've been have lots of fun putting your package together. I hope you will enjoy all your goodies!!!

bekimarie said...

Hi Sam

Check out my blog.


Beki xxx

Kim McBirnie said...

I'm just starting out with crochet and bought the Rowan crochet workshop book - it is really good at teaching you how to read patterns and starts right from the basics. I'm hopeless at crochet as it really doesn't come naturally to me - but I feel like I may get somewhere with that book. I'd recommend it!
Kim xx

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