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Saturday, 28 February 2009


I suffer from this.
I have an awful short term memory, but as for my long term memory...

I can remember what I used to have for lunch when I was at Junior school and what programmes I liked to watch (Button Moon!)
I remember the perfume my mum wore (It helps that she still wears it!), and the smell of her posh leather bag!
I have some of my precious loved toys still, and couldn't bear not to have the grand old age of 35.
I still remember my favourite books...up the faraway tree by Enid Blyton and there are many more.
And some days if I glance at the clock at 3.15pm, I think I used to leave school every day at this time.

Maybe thats why I love vintage things...not just the Shabby Chic things, but things, foods and music from the early 80's.... anything really that can give me a small memory, just to take me back for a moment.

and I find myself missing those times more often than not.

So there I was mooching the charity shops today when I found a bear.
Someone once loved him, he has no fur and must have been cuddled very much.
I couldn't leave him in the cabinet, and he was only 5.00
So he had to come home with me....;0)

Happy Saturday Ladies

Love Sam xxx


Jemm said...

I'm the same way. Very nostalgic too. Very cute bear :)

Shabby Chick said...

He's so sweet, someone's loved all his fur off!

Mel xxx

Hollypop's said...

I think he's very cute and deserved a nice new home.

Hen said...

Oh, so so cute! Don't blame you for not leaving him behind. How can someone have sent him to charity? What a meanie!

Lyn said...

I like the floral feet! he looks to me like he is making himself at home already!

Flossie and Tom said...

He's gorgeous - I bet hes really happy that he has found a lovely new home.

Give him a hug from us


ag said...

he's so sweet and so happy having a new home with all those new friends!

scrap-n-away said...

Poor baby I would have brought him home also. He's so cute. Sam I wasn't able to get your package in the mail yet. My husband shattered his shoulder and it's been a little crazy around here this past week. I will have it in the mail on monday. So sorry it's late. Hugs:-) Bonnie

Tea with Willow said...

Oh, I'm glad it's not just me ... I am so nostalgic, and I think I'm getting worse as I get older! I love nothing more than getting out my old box full of photos, party invitations, theatre ticket stubs etc from when I was a teenager! I can be transported back to the '70s simply with a bit of ELO or 10cc, and can remember school dinners and the smell of the rubber mats in PE classes!!

That little bear was just meant to come home with you Sam - he knew you would take care of him!

Willow xx

MaryPoppins said...

You are exactly the same age as me and I too love the nostagia :)

Your bear is sooooo cute and I think a wonderful purchase, what are you going to call him and where is he going to live, are you leaving him be or tidying him up, I think he looks lovely as he is :)




Greedy Nan said...

I wonder who he originally owned and where they are now. It would be so much easier if they could speak. I hope he'll have a happy time living with you and other toys like him.

LissyLou said...

oh he's lovely, i'm glad you took him home. x

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