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Sunday, 31 October 2010

And Happy Halloween again!

Thanku Dear Husband...who carved a pumpkin for me...never had one before....

The Trick or Treaters are here!


Happy Halloween!

Love Samxx

Friday, 29 October 2010


My dear Miss Sue on the Wardrobe

ooo Back again dear Bloggers...seriously I am having trouble blogging on a more than weekly basis at the mo. This is my normal day...

Alarm 6.30am
Out of the door 8am
Lunch 1pm (Always busy then..)
Food shopping 5-5.30pm..(I buy food each day)
Home 6.30pm (Fuss Miss Sue first!)
Laptop on..
Work til 8pm
(Try to stuff something to eat in my mouth then and have a quick clean about the house...)
Bit more work, then a bath..

Then a glass of LARGE white wine.

So you can see thats my working week lately, not including weekends..

I hate mess!

I have piles of paper and drawings about (Which I have just tidied up....yay have a day off ...well for a few hours any way!)

Favourite Halloween Film Bell Book and Candle
But it is my favourite time of year...and those Halloweeny films have to come out don't they?

So I will leave you with a Halloween Illustration of mine...

Happy Halloween!

Love Sam xx

PS...Jo Jo...thankyou for your card too! xxx sorry I didn't email you xx

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hey Bloggers..

Phew wot a week!

Busy day today too....BLOGGY WARNING..this is V BORING.

Yes today we had new radiators fitted...I can hear you all gasping...

But seriously, I have only just finished cleaning!

But today I discovered whilst surfing the net, is that You Tube has LOADS of free films on line to watch...

I have mainly been loving the Scream movies ....

Ooo I do love a bit of tongue in cheek horror!

Happy Saturday!

Love Sam xx
PS Oh and sorry for just posting my artwork up, you really didn't want to see my house today!!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Back again!!

Apparently theres an big chilly weather front heading our way in the UK as of tonight, so I thought this little pic of mine was rather suitable...:0)

Sorry for the unintentional bloggy break..I simply don't have enough hours in the day at the mo.

I have no idea at all how some ooobbber bloggers post every day....and with Martha Stewart type pics too...they must have bloggy assistants or something..and can stay home? Just lately I am literally sprinting about...I even don't have time to put my makeup on before I leave the house, I have to do it when Mr M is driving us to work :0)

Well since I have been away this week, I have been working away, in the day job, and at night too..just had word that its action stations about my very first picture book too:) Twit Twoo thats a little clue!

I have also become obsessed with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton..I watched Cleopatra, The VIP's and Little Women, and bought a book about them too..I Love em!!

And lets not forget that its my FAV time of the year....


Watched a fab film calle Trick R it rent it if you love spooky films..

I'm back I will be superglued to my laptop for the next few weeks ...

Wrap up cozy bloggers..

Love from Sam xx

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Thankyou dear Chums..and husband!

   It was my birthday recently and I received some lovely pressis..  After much ooooming and ahhhing, I have bought a holdall from Cath Kidston...ooooo look at its lovelyness, sat all pretty with Rupert on my wardrobe. (Thanku dear Husband) xx


Thankyou lovely family Gurrs...(Mr and Mrs G are the kindest, sweetest people you could wish to meet) 
This is a beautiful book filled with Mr Rackhams Illustrations..

Thankyou 'Mr Mike' for this beautiful photograph of New York, which he took from the Empire state building, oh and to Mrs Mike for my CK eye mask and pillow too xx

And lastly to my friend Carolyn, for painting this lovely picture of Central Park...after much hinting from me!!

Yes I have been spoilt, but must dash...strictly come dancing is on here in the UK!

Happy Saturday!

Love Sam xx

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The best holiday!!

I love Devon...its a fact, shame I didn't feel the same way when I grew up there.. Me and the husband had the best was one of my favourite holidays...ever!

Little Boat £3.00

In Bideford there are lovely shops now, and thankfully its not over run with wealthy 2nd home owners..just normal every day folk...

Mr M and I went on a mega 'stuff for the house' shopping trip..we bought vintage books and bits and bobs for as little as 50p!

Bideford is famous for its Witches too! We fell in love with this rather creepy Hare, with horns for legs (Plastic I may add!) Any one who knows me well, knows I love a bit of the creepy and strange! We have called him Bathazar!

This is a famous bit of coastline called Hartland Point, where ships were tricked into the rocks, so their cargo could be stolen.

The countryside is very much like Lord of the Rings..

And just 15 minutes from my parents house on foot you can explore your own shipwrecks!

I have a sort of weird phobia, about going up steep hills, especially in a car, infact I hate heights and freeze...but I was brave and went in this water car on the cliff in Lynmouth.

We met lovely pussycats every day too...this chap just sat on our laps like we knew him when we visited Clovelly.

Another steep hill...back in the day, I would sneek off college to go to Clovelly..

This bit here on the cliff walk, looks just like Lord of the out for the ring wraiths!

Oh and finally a bit random, but my latest massive bargain from ebay...

£10.00 chiming wall clock
Oooo I love old stuff!

Happy blogging and see you soon!

Love Sam x

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
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