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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Vintage Magpie

I have been working on a little project with Nicky over at The Vintage Magpie which I thought you may like a sneeky peek of.

I have been a huge fan of Nickys Toys since I first discovered Blogland, and thought I would have a go at a spot of painting and drawing, and she very kindly agreed for me to illustrate some of her toys.

So I have been a busy bee...and if you are going to The Home Spun Fair this Sunday 2nd August,Portscatho Memorial Hall, 10.30am to 4.30pm, you will find Nicky there, with lots of naughty little rabbits and bears looking to be adopted, and a few of my pictures too....

Happy Hump Day!!

Love Sam xx

PS...if any one would like to purchase an original painting..or a print please let me know xx

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mrs Steptoe...

Mr M started humming the tune to a very well know 1970s comedy this morning as he walked into the box room aka my craft room. The problem is that I love all things retro - including things from the 70's, for example I discovered a lovely bamboo magazine rack in a charity shop that I thought would be and is ideal for my painting to sit in as I do them...

Mr M didn't think the lovely blogging fraternity would get my hotch potch collection of 'stuff'

So here I am this afternoon armed with a bin bag trying to have a tidy it was and is a bit of a pickle.

Don't think I'm ready to be a rag and bone lady yet!

Trouble is I think I'm fighting my rather late 70's taste in bric a brac...

Happy Sunday

Love Sam x

PS Mr M said he would buy me a stuffed owl...I think I would quite like one....;0)

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Pick me ...pick me!

Well its the end of another busy week - busy working - busy working on my own things..and today I'm sure there were some leaves coming down...and its torrential rain outside...but I don't mind!

Maybe I'll have to dust off my witches broom and cauldron...

Well maybe not quite yet...


Love Sam xx

Monday, 20 July 2009

Blog Anni Giveaway...Update!!!!!! See Below

Well in a couple of weeks I will have been in blogland for a year, so a little giveaway (Enid blyton themed is in order)
I have inked a little replica of a vintage Enid Blyton Illustration from the Faraway Tree, and that with some other little bits will be the prize...if you want to enter please leave me a message by Sat 1st Aug and Silkie will draw a winner xx

Nighty Night xx

PS its a little under A4 size xx

P.P.S Just wanted to say that the picture isnt a print...Its a real (By me!) hand drawn larger version of a vintage illustration....on watercolour paper...incase I can tempt any more of you to enter the raffle!! (I cannot take the credit though for the picture....I just borrowed it...don't tell!)

I have also realised that in my haste I can't string sentances together - my previous Yoda quote made no sence at all!!!

All I will say is that its best to have a go at something as you will never know what can happen...

Right ...enough Yoda...I'm off to eat my Dinner!!

Sam xxxxxxx

Sunday, 19 July 2009

A little up date... EDIT!

Blimey..this extra nap of mine today thanks to 'The Sue' has given me a bit of a boost!
Now I'm still waiting for a few bits, but I have set up another blog...just peek to the right... go on and!

Gingerwine (Me!) Gallery...

Now this could end in complete disaster - but as Mr M said to me a couple of times (now I'm not sure if this is a quote from Yoda in starwars...if you don't keep trying 100% you will have a chance to succeed, and if you don't try at all you can only fail 100%.

(It sounded much better and shorter when he said it..)

So fingers crossed and a few cans of red bull later I am hoping to list a few pictures...mounted ready to be time for my 1st year of blogging...

Oh and there will be a little giveaway to celebrate!

Bye again!


PS I have just told Mr M that i quoted which he burst out laughing when I read to him my version of his 'Yoda' quote - he wanted to me to pass on to you that he isnt really a complete twit!

Apparently 'Yoda' says if you never give up you can never fail....

Made me chuckle !!


Blog Blank


Well lately I have been having a bit of a blog blank.

I didn't want to keep waffling on about things that aren't that interesting.

For example, I don't expect you want to hear that Miss Silkie has decided that meaowng really loudly for food/attention/or that that she is about to have a wee at 5 am most mornings...(And then me feeling really guilty ignoring her meow that sounds more like a cows moo - when in actual fact she was about to turn into Wolverine cause a massive cat had got in..) is a really good idea.

and because of that I had to go back to bed again - then jump up again as the rain had come down AGAIN when I had only just put my washing out..

Oh and that I NEVER seem to stop cleaning or doing house work...

But I have had a nice colouring project to do for another beloved Blogger, I have had more sleep than usual - so I don't feel like my normal zombie state, and I have decided even at the grand old age of 35 to start reading my beloved Enid Blyton books again...

How good are they????

I'm still on the hunt for my own faraway tree and wishing chair!

Happy soggy sunday!

sam xx

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I'm back.. as I have been to VENICE!!

Wow..what a busy few days I have had. Mr M took me to Venice!!

We walked and walked every where and like a pair of aging we trooped with our sketchbooks to capture the buildings... (If any one used to watch the The Fast show me and Mr M took it in turns being Jonny!) my pictures looked a little doolderly as I tend to flatten everything following no laws of perspective at all!

My mum and dad came to house and Silkie 'sit', and apparently she got braver and cheekier as she slept by my dads head a couple of nights, can you believe it.

I think my favourite thing was the abandoned houses...I have always had a bit of a 'thing' about abandoned houses, places and ghost towns...and there were hundreds to look at.

Sorry that I havent been able to message on your blogs lately, with one thing and another I just havent had the time to visit blog land as much as I'd like! (I will make amends I promise!!)

Happy hump day!

Love Sam xx

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The box room and an old chair..

That seems to have been stolen by a certain pussy cat...Miss Sue...

I literally have to just get off the chair for a second and ...boom there she is...

So here I am typing away on my knees in my little bolt hole aka The Box room....

(But I don't mind!)

Happy Wednesday!!
Love Sam and Queen Sue xx

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Making friends...sort of

A couple of weeks ago I received a crochet kitty out of the blue from Dotty Dotty, how sweet was that? So I thought I would post some pictures.

Now my crochet kitty has decided that normally she would like to sit by the front door, but as It was warm today she thought she would try out the conservatory and make friends with Silkie, who to be fair is a little crabby as like me she is fed up with the heat.

I don't think they are quite sure of each other at the moment..... so off she goes back to the hall...


Sam xxx

Friday, 3 July 2009

A little Confession..

I have been thinking about dark, spooky autumy evenings...the smell of bonfires in the air....Halloween....

It happens to me every year, about now, as I'm now officially fed up of the hot stifling evenings, which to be honest last weekend made me feel really odd. You seen the thing is, is that i just LOVE Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas, snuggly evenings in, warm thick fluffy duvets...spooky black and white films..fairy lights...

So, I think I will just have to start sneeking a few of my fav films on like Practical Magic whilst watching for the first signs of autumn!

I've had a busy week this week, Mr M's nephew has been to stay for work experience, its been a busy week at work, and its incredibly hot in the studio. But, all is well, everyone is happy so theres nothing to complain about.

I have been busy on a little project for a fellow blogger...with my trusty paintbrush which has been fun, and to be honest my fabric stash has more or less used up, so no sewing for me at the mo...but I don't mind!

So anyway, happy weekend to you
enjoy the warm weather xx

Sam xx

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The Red Shoes
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