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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Where does the time go?

Today and the last little while has felt a bit busy and rushed for me , that I don't know where the time has gone, and I havent been able to find the time to visit and comment on as many blogs as I'd like. I did have a huge pile of washing from Mr M, and I have been using all my brain power at work too!

But I have received this week a lovely give a way prize from Ruby Red how cute is the little rabbit?

I have hung the hearts above the door into my kitchen, and I also received a pretty bag with hearts sewn on too! Thankyou Ruby Red for your very thoughtful gift, I was very lucky to win!

I also got something else today from my friend Cartwheel
It was the mug from M&S that I wrote about, so along with some other pretty mugs, it now lives on my newly bought mug tree!
Thankyou Cartwheel!!

Thought I would also leave you with a picture of a plant that I actually planted in my garden a couple of years ago, which is beautiful at the moment. I don't have time to be in the garden much, but if I did there would be lots and lots of flowers like this...

So heres to a sunny weekend - don't forget to wear sunscreen!!

Love Sam xx

Monday, 25 May 2009

Thankyou Lou! and why I can't keep on top of housework when I have visitors!

Firstly thankyou Lou from Ludabelle...for my lovely freestyle swap gifts, which arrived last week. My Mum for a second time couldn't believe what lovely things had been sent to me from friends out in blogland......better than a birthday, and look a fabric Silkie Sue!...shes so pretty and has decided to sit on a little table by the front door at the moment...Lou also sent me 2 door hangers, a fabric covered hanger, a lovely mirrored sweet dreams plaque and even a book for Silkie Sue!! So thankyou very much xxx you can't beat getting gifts from Blogland xxx and Lou, your sewing is flawless!! (I need to practice!)

Now on to the second thing I wanted to talk to you about...I wondered if this happens to any of you to?
When ever I have people to stay my house becomes messier and messier, and I just can't keep on top of it. My house isn't that big, just a little terrace but its not the size of a postage stamp...but what a pickle I get in...newspapers, towels, cups and clothes begin to appear all over the house, almost like there are invisible gremlins sneeking about all over the place..

I really think I would make a rubbish house wife ;0)

If you have any cleaning and tidying tips I would be very grateful, as little compulsive 'try to keep every thing tidy me' is actually really rubbish at it!

Happy Bank Holiday

Love Samxx

PS...Mr M is back safe and sound, and Silkie seems much happier, the first day he was home, was the first time she decided to leave the 1st floor in 2 weeks and took a stroll outside ;0)

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Have you seen M&S ?

I had no idea this was going on, but M&S has gone all vintage!
I really recommend that you go see , they are selling dresses and bits and bobs like they used to look 'back in the day'
Lovely vintage jams and cakes and a really lovely mug (that I resisted as I'm trying not to spend!)

And theres a penny sale ! (Not quite sure how good that is....)
Sounds too good to be true ;0)

Check it out!


Just a quick one....;0)

Hi Bloggers!
Well, here we are nearly at the end of another week...I have had a lovely couple of weeks with Moo Ma and Moo Pa (A black books joke if you ever watched it!) I have rather gotton used to going to work with a packed lunch and my T cooked for me!!

Mr M flies back tomorrow, so I have to drive to Heathrow...(Little I'm a bit of a country mouse and not that keen on motorways..) Still with Radio 4 and the best of Ultravox to listen to I'm sure I will be fine.

I received a lovely parcel this week from Lou...for the freestyle as soon as I can I will be blogging about my lovely handmade treats.xx

I have also been busy trying to prepare for my little blog shop, which is taking a bit longer that I had thought, typical impatient me! And it would seem that Silkie has made 'sort of friends' with my parents, my Dad even managed to stroke her a little, but it helped that he had some posh sheba chicken to give her ;0)

Bye bye for now!

Sam xxxx

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Message to Mr M

Hello Husband

Not sure if you are getting any internet, but its the lost season finale, sat here with
a G and T wishing you were here!

At least I have Sawyer to oogle! ;0)

Miss you and be safe

Lots of Love Me xxx

Some Pretties in the post and a Sewing Lesson

Don't you just love it when the posty brings you a parcel - especially when a good blogging chum has sent it!
Yesterday I got 2 parcels...what a treat. One from Mel and Sian

Mel was my freestyle swap partner, and boy did I get some lovely things, a handmade cushion, some bunting, a beautiful mug, a lovely magazine, all wrapped so pretty with a lovely card and tag...I was sooo pleased! If any of you are lucky enough to be paired with Mel for a future swap, you are very lucky!

Sian sent me a quilted bed for Miss Silkie Sue (We had a little mini swap arranged) made from the cutest vintage kitten fabric!
How spoilt was I...better that a birthday, thankyou so much ladies.

Yesterday my Mum was trying to give me a sewing lesson, (My Mum used to work for Hardy Amies in London..some years ago) and she is a bit good at sewing. Any way I have a very short attention span, and as you can see from the pic my mum was doing all the sewing, and I was a bit distracted on my hopefully I will be able to have another lesson from my mum before she goes home... cause I really want to learn to insert a zip properly.....

I just never have enough time!

Happy Sunday!

Love Sam xx

Friday, 15 May 2009

I'm Oscar today....


Felt a bit grumpy today, just like Oscar
Sometimes do you just feel a bit low...just cause?

No Scrap that, I'm not gonna moan on about stuff..I'm ok!
I'm sat watching CSI with a glass needing a good G and T in it, got 2 days off

Think its cause I'm missing Mr M... pathetic I know its not been a week..lots of people have it
alot worse.

Phew - shaken myself out of was close!!

So, have a lovely Friday night dear bloggers...we all deserve it !

Much love Sam xxx


Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thankyou and an invisible hug to you xx

Thankyou my blogging chums for leaving me messages bout little shy Sue...I really appreciate it. Your comments made me feel reassured, so I'm sending you an invisible hug xx. Silkie seems to be getting used to my mum, she ate little fish bickys from her and let her stroke her a little without running away. She hasn't come down stairs yet, as my Dad is painting my front door, but I think generally she isnt too keen on the menfolkxxx

Now I wanted to show you that I am offically a granny...I am now using a wicker basket for a bag, how long that will last is anyones guess, as although I love bags I get bored very easy!! I had to take a pic quick, as my mum was watching and i don't think she gets the whole taking random pictures of things to go on the 'internet' a strange land she isn't too familar with!

And also there is a really good giveaway here..Comfortstitching I felt a bit cheeky leaving a post as I haven't visited the blog before...but you should check out the quilt that is the giveaway prize...

Now I'm off to paint some frames for pix for my little blogshop

Happy Thursday my lovely chums xxx

Sam and Queen Sue ;0)xxxx

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Silkiesue's pad

Oh Silkiesue

My, well Mr M's office has been transformed into The Sues place, with a small bed for me (I get the duvet she has the pillow)
All her bits and pieces are in there now, scratching post, CK bed, heat lamp, food, a soft blanket under the bed and food when she wants it...even when she Maows in my ear at 6am, she gets her food....all because I have visitors.

My Ma and Pa are staying for a holiday while Mr M is away, plus my Dad is doing a few jobs about the house, and my mum is cooking...

The problem is Miss Sue as some of you know is a very timid cat, apart from with me and Mr M, and at the moment this is the 3rd day that Silkie has refused to come down stairs or go out. (She has a covered litter tray upstairs too.)

I'm even defrosting prawns for pudding for her, as I feel so awful for letting her endure this...and she has a Feliway defuser on.

But my question is this dear Bloggers, what can I do?
She was a little bit brave earlier, she ate some biscuits from my mums hand....but thats it?

Help? any advise or words of comfort please dear friends....

Love from a guilty cat Mumsam


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Why is is?

1. That I seem to have a new obsession each week - this week its paper chase notebooks and stationary generally.
2. That I'm never happy with the bag I use
3. My house is never clean enough, where does all the dust come from
4. My hair is ALWAYS fluffy
5. I can never relax
6. That I worry about my cat like she is a person
7. I get house envy..alot
8. I have to check and recheck doors and windows when I leave the house

....Ummm I'm sure I can think of more....;0)

Sam xx

PS Mr M arrived safely, he travelled 8 hours today to a village , literally in the middle of nowhere, helping out as best as he can...think safe thoughts for him dear bloggers xxxx

Sunday, 10 May 2009 and away....

Mr M is going away Uganda in Africa for 2 weeks. He was given the chance to go by his Boss, as he supports a charity in Uganda and he volunteered to go. He will be doing things completely out of anyones comfort zone, trying to help in a small way.

So I may be in blogland quite a bit over the next couple of weeks...I have plenty to do.

I will miss Mr M, but I'm very proud of him. ;0)

Happy Sunny Sunday xxx

Sam xxx

Friday, 8 May 2009

Glad for Friday....

Phew the work week is over for now...not that I'm complaining but boy am I knackered this week! My trouble is, is that I rush rush rush about like a mad person, trying to get as much done as possible, getting inspired by all you lovely creative people out there, and before you know it, I've hurt my back and I'm grumpy to boot!

But its Friday, and the Sun is shining for now, so that can't be bad!
Now just so you know, Mel and Lou I am sending your Free Style Gifts tomorrow....fingers and toes crossed you like it!

I'm still working if a little slowly at some things for my little shop, its taking me a bit longer than I thought (thats me all over) ever impatient wanting things done and perfect straight away, which is a bit tricky in the evenings, when I have been painting all day anyway and I have limited energy levels...(Especially when I get distracted by The Wire, well the actor in The Wire! and the Special Edition Star Trek episodes that Mr M has bought....yes I'm a closet Trekki and Yes I love William Shatner)

But I'll get there eventually!

So now, I'm off for a Bath, some food and a relax...and knowing my luck I will be slumped on the floor snoring, with a glass of wine spilt in my lap by 9.

Happy Friday!

Lots of Love Sam xx

Sunday, 3 May 2009

I made a mess again (Part 2) and why is it everyone else can relax?

I did it again

Made another mess.

Everything every where, while The Sue and The H relaxed and snoozed....

I decided to have a go at making some fabric pictures for the Gingerwine Gallery after being inspired by some other textile
designers whilst surfing the net...I don't know if its the right thing to do, but what the hell, best to give it a go otherwise you will never know!

Thought I would also show you whose house I really live in...even though me and Mr M pay the morgage, the house really does belong to Miss Sue...if she wants to sit in your, I mean 'her' chair you just have to get used to the floor!!! ;0)

Happy Sunday !!
Love S xxx

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Early start, lots of mess, and a Bag

Good Evening!
Here I am trying to cool down after having a much too hot bath, whilst reading Easy Living (purchased due to the Free CK wash bag!) with a glass of cold Tonic Water (the only cold drink in the fridge thats non alcholic!) with a bright pink face. I have had a very nice productive day (I can't bear to just sit about) and my day started early thanks to Miss Sue Ma OWING at 6 am today for her brekki. Well I couldn't go back to sleep and Mr M mumbled that he wanted a cup of Coffee, even thought I KNEW he would fall back to sleep as soon as I made it...any way with a sleeping husband and a kitty eating what do you think I did....only got on the sewing machine at 6.45 am. I am mad.

Managed to shorten a pair of Trousers by 7.30am, and after dropping Mr M at the station for his day trip to London (to go to a book signing) off I trotted to the local Charity Shops, which were really rubbish...I did do a good deed though. With the money I planned to treat my self with in the second hand shops, I decided to give it to a sweet man dressed as a Dalmation collecting for the local Animal Sanctuary...but my appetite wasn't fulfilled, so I decided to travel to another town just down the road to see what bargins I could find there. Now I'm not going to name this place, as I really regretted going there, and I don't think its really fair of me to name and shame this town. But, what a depressing place it was, even in the sunshine, plus I couldn't find my way out of it which paniced me a bit. (For a brief moment I thought I was in some weird Twilight Zone Episode.) Any way, I won't be going there again.

So I was home by 1pm, and then decided to make a complete mess of my living room, sewing and cutting and sticking..
a knitting bag...or crafty bag thingy with some lovely Laura Ashley fabric I found. Don't look too closely though!!! it was harder than I thought!!

So now I'm shattered, and I have to go and pick Mr M up at 9....hopefully with some interesting tales of London!
Happy Saturday!!

Love Sam xxx

Friday, 1 May 2009

Thankyou Sew Hot Mit Mot

Firstly please let me show you the lovely PIF gifts I received from Mary (Sew Hot Mit Mot) a sweet little package came with a little hanky, pin cushion and a button heart which I loved! So much that it now lives in my bathroom! I will be sending my PIF gifts next week...just trying to find some picture frames at the mo...thankyou for waiting!

Also - thankyou for your messages on my last posting about subjects for my little blog shop...they really helped me and I have started to work on some fabric illustrations I have set my self up for the weekend with my paints and sewing machine, and lots of ideas to work on...

I hope you find yourself well this weekend, me and Mr M are pottering about this weekend here..and I have to have my fix of charity shops tomorrow!

Happy Bank Holiday Friday!!

Love S xxx

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The Red Shoes
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