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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Okey dokey.......

Yes I no longer need to leave the house..

I have everything I need here...

I have a cozy room/studio that is all mine to work in - with all my bits and bobs around me...and I have set up my desk so I can...well between me and u nosey at the close I live it...:0)

I have a small mini bar downstairs...and a fridge full of food...(Including lots of pickles my favourite..)

My husband is next door to me...working away too...and Miss Sue flits between flirting with him then me!

I keep discovering lots of great TV I have missed and I can watch my ever growing collection of vintage classic movies...(A massive passion of mine..)

We are addicted to 'The Big Bang Theory' should check it out!

We both work freelance as well as our full time jobs as we want to move one day...I would personally like to move to Irises cottage from The Holiday...I don't even care if its a film set!

And I have decided to try and save for a little car of my own...only a cheap little thing...I really like the old style Ford KA's..

Toot toot...yep I could see myself in that...I would really love a fiat 500 - but how expensive are they?

Still if I got a little Ford KA - I'd be very happy :0)

and I was treated to an extra Christmas pressi I have literally not left my desk working since last Monday...coooeeee Orla....calling Miss Orla Kiely????

Oooo look at her....big enough for my laptop and books.....THANKU lovely husband..and thanku
Miss Kiely - your Christmas very good...much better than stingy Cath Kidston's...barely any thing off sale....

Right I really have to sign off for the night now....

Off for a soak in the Bath...then a massive glass of pinot ...and maybe another vintage classic disaster film husband?...

Think I'm pushing my luck there...will have to let him play call of duty on the ole xbox..

Mmmmnnn - maybe we should leave the house...

Well its back to work next week...

Now I'm waffling....


S xx

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ok - anyone got a time machine..?

Its official - I want to go back to 1977.

 Well I was only 4 - but as I am now - dressed like Margo from The Good Life... (For any one who isn't familiar with them, they were from a beloved BBC sitcom here in the UK in the 70's)

There she is with her lovely hubby Gerry. They were incredibly posh - but very kind...and between me and you I would LOVE to be posh..

I'm not though..

But if you like feel free to imagine me living in a massive farm house, with an AGA, baking away... (Me baking...ermmm thats not gonna happen)

with a drinks trolley..dressed in a full length flammable static dress...drinking eggnog...

Please feel free!

(I am seriously thinking of buying a vintage drinks trolley off ebay - and kinda modernising it with a bit of Husband doesn't notice any more 'tat' getting snuck in..yep already got a few 1950's wine and sherry glasses ala 'Mad Men' style to sit on it)

Whatdaya think?


Sam x

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

You must see this..

With Natalie Portman - I watched this last night...she even did all the ballet I used to do a spot of dancing myself back in my youth, and can remember having my legs yanked up as high as they would go by my ballet tutor Miss Pigott..

But if you love the film The Red Shoes - but enjoy, like me something a bit darker...and dare I say sexier...WATCH THIS!!

xxx Nighty Night!

And Whoosh its gone..

Goodness me - Christmas all over again - where did that go to?
Yesterday I have to admit I was feeling the Christmas blues - there we were having a lovely time...eating and drinking - Christmas music on the radio.....walking in the sort of snow, if a bit sludgy - then...

whoosh - adverts on the telly for sales on Boxing Day - Even Cath Kidston was open on Boxing Day. I can remember when I was little no shops were open, I'm sure Christmas lasted longer?

So to cheer me up - now I'm back at home in Keynsham  - working on a little picture book, catching up on Christmas TV.

Now thanks to the internet you can watch live TV and Catch up TV - and I really want to urge you to watch the New Upstairs Downstairs.........on BBC.

BRILLIANT - absolutely might need some hankies.........

I did get some lovely gifts...I have THE BEST wellies ever.

we went for a night time walk back in Bideford..

The prettiest place..

and now we are back working away...

in our little tiny hobbit hole...

and u are welcome to visit me too...

Heres to a happy New Year..

Sam xxxxx

Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hey Bloggers...well here we are again...Christmas Eve, between me and you its come a bit too quick for me, I was enjoying the Autumn and poof..its Christmas!!

I hope you all have a stress free time...

I'll be back next more work to do from I'm sure I will pop by my blog to say hello!

Ho Ho Ho!!

Sam xx

Monday, 20 December 2010

Ghost Stories for Christmas...anyone?

Hey Bloggers...

How you all doing?

So close to Christmas...wasn't it Halloween only a few weeks ago?

Well here in Keynsham near Bath, we have snow.....It feels a bit dreamy really - I can't remember it being as snowy as this so near to Christmas...

Now Christmas in my opinion wouldn't be Christmas without some spooky stories now would it?
Thanks to youtube, you can watch lots of these bygone Christmas programmes from yesteryear..which I discovered while I'm painting away I can listen to these stories which I will share with as best as I can I will link the stories, so they are just a click away!

Back in the 1970s - here in the UK on BBC 1..some classic ghost stories were shown, by a famous writer called M.R. James...and the one that you MUST watch is called

Whistle and I'll come to you...

Its a story about a man, who simply does not believe in the  supernatural...

and another by the same writer, but shown 10 years ago late at night on the BBC is called..

The Number 13

Read by Christopher Lee...Its a story about a man, staying at a hotel, where there is no Number 13 room...or is there?

Another story featuring a young Deborah Kerr as a Governess is

The Innocents

This isn't set at Christmas, but should be watched as the atmosphere is amazing....

Now for something a little bit more Christmassy


This is the version with Albert Finney and in my opinion the best one - this terrified me as a child!!

You can find lots of free things to watch on You Tube...go on have a look!

Hope all of your Christmas plans are going well!

Love Sam xx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

And the winner is.....

Why hello Dear Bloggers...hows things with you...well I did the random number generator thingy...but I will keep you waiting .. just for a bit.

First things first...a bit of Christmas Nostalgia...I really feel nostalgic especially this time of heres a blast from my Christmas Past..

Well what 10 year olds Christmas wouldn't be complete without...

Thats right a girly Christmas Annual..I still have all mine!

A romantic Christmas film too?

Why Hello there Mr Richard isn't he dreamy?

Lets not forget some chocolate...

What have Quality Street done to their tins these days...they are hideous!! (I used to love the 'Lady and Gentleman' on these tins...and yes the chocolate triangles are thinner than they used to be..)

When I was growing up we had a mini bar in the front room, with optics and high stools....and my mum used to make...

Snowballs... really rather gross when you thing about it...kinda alcoholic eggy milkshake really..

Prawn cocktail to follow....

Lets not forget some Christmas perfume...

I always buy myself a bottle of this, this time of year...the smell just reminds me of Christmas, back in the 80's!

And in the afternoon, whats on the telly?

Half a it, love the songs too!

And if you don't want to spend the 3 main days at Christmas at home...why not spend it at Butlins instead? (I remember 3 Christmases spent at holiday camps - I thought they were the most glamourous places ever!)

So thanks to Mr Google for the images I found..hope you don't mind me borrowing them :0)

Now on to announcing Little Sues new owner (Here she is with Stanley)

Drum roll please..........................................................thankyou number generator dodah....

the winner





Please can you email me your address?

Thanks for entering dear Bloggersxx

Happy Sunday!

Love Sam xx

Monday, 6 December 2010

Coooo eeee - back again!

Phew WHAT a week! Seriously I need a time machine. I have no idea how some of the ooober bloggers, blog post, every day, with beautiful photos, baking cooking and rearranging...they MUST have blogging PA's...

So wot have I been doing...

Wellllll....mainly working...finished illustrating my first picture book, now I'm on to another little book..

 I have a new celebrity husband...(sorry Mr M!)

I have to confess, I have loved Mr Oldmam for 20 years now, ever since Dracula...

Ooo thankyou Box set of Harry Potter films..

Went to my local brand new Tescos for the above Orla Kiely charity bag...and guess what they had never heard of Orla Kiely...(I doubt that no one outside of London will be able to buy it, it seems, and I expect they will start appearing on ebay for lots more quite soon!)

Tescos £4.00...ebay £30+ I expect...

I had forgotton quite how knackering putting up the ole Christmas Dec's is too, and Silkie is HATING the cold. She has taken to getting in my bed.. she meows at us to move so she gets the warm spot!

and she hates the snow..

....  and  I'm gonna try to blog a little bit more dear bloggy chums...
Hope you are all safe and warm.....xx

Nighty Night

Sam xx

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Silkie Sues Christmas Giveaway..

Well I'm back again Bloggers...there isn't enough time in the day at the mo..with working and freelancing I don't have much time to visit and read blogs, but to say thankyou, for stopping by my little spot of blogland..I have a little friend of mine who is looking for a new home for Christmas.

Little Sue is made of mohair, and has a felt body. She has little glass beads in her tummy, and a hand painted tag.

So if you would like to be entered please leave me a message by 11th December, and link the little pic above on your blog...

And I have nearly finished Illustrating my first Children's picture book so I will keep you posted about that too!!

Happy Saturday Dear Bloggers

Love Sam xx

Thursday, 18 November 2010

New Blog to look at ..

Ooo I wanted to let you know about this delicious blog I have come across called Piewacket

I haven't really had much time to explore it, but I love it...I love finding new blogs as my interests change...

Happy Thursday

Love Sam xx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Its gonna be cold and wet today in the UK..

Stay warm bloggers...

and I will try to stop my hair looking like Monica's from Friends...

Happy Hump Day!

S xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I'm so OVER Cath Kidston..


Yes I have a new love..Caths older edgier sister...


But seriously..I thought Cath Kidston was expensive is it?
I went to Debenhams today and touched this bag...I carry alot with me to work everyday..stuff, work, laptop,  annndd oooo look at this lovely laptop bag?

Its lovely and is deep enough to carry my wacom tablet too, with all of the cables..unlike the CK I had..much too narrow cath..

I'm off to dream...

Happy Tuesday

Love Sam x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Dark Monday Morning...

Hey Bloggers...

Well my brain woke me up today at 5am, and I couldn't get back to sleep, its very difficult to relax when you know you've got to get off to work at 7.30!

I ended up laying awake thinking how odd Facebook is really..I very nearly erased myself from it a few days ago, for one, I'm not photogenic at all....

Then I got to thinking that its kind of like a time machine really, old friends, from long ago, who you have lost touch with years ago, suddenly appearing....

So hello if you have found me, and stumble across this micro bit of blogland...

But must dash bloggers...busy busy week, lots of work on xx

I will hopefully poop...I'm mean pop back soon...:0)

Sam xx

PS..couldnt resist leaving that typo :0)

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bargins and Baubles...

Is it me, or is Christmas this year getting here quicker?
Seriously, I'm sure years ago, Halloween was ages away from Christmas...but this year it seems too close?

Do you know what I mean?
And ooo with that comes the yearly Christmas Anxiety...yep its just starting creeping in..

The pressure for a christmas to be like this.....

When its more like this!...( good ole Bridget!)

Stuffed and a bit tipsy, sat on the sofa..

I think its my own fault really, looking at all the posh Christmas mags..and looking about on websites....arghhhhhhhhhhhh...

So heres a challenge, say No to feeling Christmas Pressure...

If you want to sit in your jimjams, thats fine by me...and let your home get messy too, yay!
and lets bring on un-coordinated Christmas Dec's too...

After all its just one day isn't it?

Any way...enough of that...we've still got a few weeks left!

Now heres onto the first bargain of the week..

Mulberry ish Leather Alexa bag..£30 squid Ebay...

Vintage Hidesign Satchel...for Mr M..£5.00 (Charity Shop)

And (not a bargain) but a wonderful pressi from Mr original sculpture, by Joanne very own doggy..

He will keep and eye on Miss Sue, when we are at workxx

I keep expecting him to move...

Happy unstressy Saturday Bloggers

Love Sam xx

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Ooo I should be working but I've drifted back on the WWW, but I just had to share with you a programme that I had forgotten about..which is very Christmassy and spooky...

The Children of Green Knowe..

I haven't seen this since 1986, it was shown on a Wednesday afternoon on BBC1 here in the UK, after John Cravens newsround.

I discovered it as You Tube is a brilliant sort of TV channel, and I have it on as I work.

I have watched all 4 episodes, and it was really lovely, and made me well up in I thought I would share it with you, especially if like me you like a bit of nostalgia, from the 80's, like The Box of Delights...

Oh and if you have any tips about recreating the smell of Christmas trees...that would be great...


s xx

Question Dear Bloggers...?

Well after reading my very posh Homes and Antiques Christmas Magazine, the yearly christmas tree question popped into my head...

Real Tree vs Fake Tree?

Now I LOVE real Chrismas Trees but I have never really been very good at looking after them, and they give me a rash!

But you just can't beat the smell of them can you, so I was wondering if anyone out there in Blogland can recommend a really good fake smelly thing that I can use?

So if you have time to message me that would be great!

Bye for now!

love Samx

PS I was thinking of emailing the publishers of Homes and Antiques with a new idea for a about Everyday Homes at Christmas?...I'd love to see that :0)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Happy Saturday Bloggers..

Heres today's illustration effort...I'm busy busy at the moment, as well as working on my first picture book, I'm trying to think up new ideas its a bit of an Owly theme at the mo!

I have bought my first Christmas Magazine..I couldn't resist the free Christmas CD.. Love em!

Normally I avoid the 'higher' end mags like Homes and Antiques, as they can make me feel a tad 'lower class' look at our HUGE mansion, you too can decorate just like us! Ummm well I can't..your Kitchen is the same size as my entire ground floor...

But, the pictures are pretty...and I can't resist pretty pictures of Christmas Trees...

And it weirdly felt a bit Christmassy today....its coming Bloggers!!
Happy Saturday

Love from me and Twit n Twoo!


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Happy Windy Wednesday Bloggers!!

(Not the bottom kind!!)

Love Sam..

Sunday, 31 October 2010

And Happy Halloween again!

Thanku Dear Husband...who carved a pumpkin for me...never had one before....

The Trick or Treaters are here!


The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
Cath Kidston is too Much