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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!

Yes. Me and Mr M tied the knot a year ago today...we had been together for years....(13!) and it was a lovely day.
We got married on the SS Great Britain, with a small number of people, on a lovely warm Saturday. There was a lovely chap called Bob - who was sort of in charge of looking after me and Rob, and I can remember a few glasses of vino later, quizzing him about all the ghosties on board, as it had previously been a hospital ship and passenger liner. I even managed to wander about on my own, just in case I spotted a ghost!

A week after, we went to New York...and WOW that was amazing...after I managed to get through the flight...3 valiums and a couple of see I HATE flying...

But New York...WOW!!

Both of us love films, so we made sure that we found lots of famous places that appeared in Ghostbusters...yes I sat in the library where it was filmed...and on the first day ,by complete accident I spotted 'Mr Big' from Sex and the did feel like being on a film set.

We also found 'The Daily Planet' where Superman worked...its actually the New York Times building and we were able to have a photo taken.

So now to celebrate, Mr M and I are off to Turkey for a week...and 'The Sue' has to go to Kitten Hotel...(I must not cry..I must not cry...I do love my cat ;0) so I won't be in Blogland for a week and a bit...

But on my return I'm sooo going to crack Needle felting....I'm quite excited about it...I needed a new project for the autumn evenings...and I will be posting the stages too...and of course Miss Sue will be my first model.

Happy Sunday!!

Lots of Love and see you soon
Sam xx

Thursday, 17 September 2009

My new Obsession...and a request..

I HAVE to learn how to do this...they are the cutest...and as I'm such an animal lover I thought I could make a few little things...

There are some that are truly amazing on the web, so maybe I will try and buy one...but do any of you know much about this needle felting.....

Any links, tips, books, links would be much appreciated!

Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

One Classy Lady...

is the lovely Joanna Lumley, and an animal lover to boot.
I was sat on the sofa tonight watching the second part of her program about cats when the section came on
with a special lap cat who was taken into see, and sit with disabled children...

And it brought a real lump to my throat...well a bit more than that...gosh I'm a rather over sensitive soul!

Its amazing to see the effect animals have on human can you not love them?

Happy Tuesday

Sam xx

Friday, 11 September 2009

A Small Confession...

I'm not really domesticated.

So there won't ever be photographs of any things I've baked or cooked here!
Don't worry though I'm not completely feral! I keep a tidy clean house, I wash up and wash our clothes.. But there are so many other things I would rather be doing with the limited time I have when I'm not working, (and cooking is something I can easily poor husband!)...

like making little purses out of scraps of CK fabric, toying with the idea of having a go at making a bear from a vintage sewing book I found in a charity shop, crocheting, painting...pottering in my box room... soaking in the bath reading Now Magazine, playing with Miss Sue ;), watching old spooky black and white films...

I also avoid all costs..

I wouldn't make a very good house wife really...

Have a lovely weekend...say no to chores!

Sam xx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Heavy heart ..

Me and Mr M went to the Bath Cats and Dogs open day we had painted a few pictures for them (along with our friend Ag) Now I have never been to an animal shelter before, you could hear the dogs barking from down the road and I kept telling my self to keep it together, as for some reason I am really effected by animals, especially those who have been abandoned or mistreated. Well we first went into the cats area (My favourite!) and there were some beautiful cats there, I have to say that although they are in there own enclosures, they looked quite cozy, with blankets and scratching posts. There were just hundreds of kittens - snuggled together and playing some of which had climbed to the highest point in there rooms, so I really hope some kind people adopted some today.

Then both mine and Mr M's hearts melted when we saw Trixie, apart from Silkiesue the Prettiest sweetest Cat, with a huge tummy full of kittens :0) I do realise that it would probably be mean to introduce another cat to Silkiesue, as much as I want to, and imagine that she would have a friend to cuddle up with,but I think Silkie has decided that we are friends enough for her! I did speak to one of the 'Cat ladies' and she said it wouldn't be too much of a problem, but I am not convinced.

So off we went leaving poor Trixie. who I would have adopted with one of her new born kittens if I could have..with a heavy heart.

So if anyone reads this blog near Bath, and is looking for a cat or a dog to adopt then please visit there are so many lovely lost animals there looking for a home.

And Rob and I sold one of our painting each, so its a few pennies for them, hopefully we will be able to do some more work in the future, we paint everything for free ;0)

Sam xx

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Nostalgic Spaces...

Even when I was small I was obsessed with rooms and houses...and making things pretty. I would literally on a weekly basis sometimes with my friends re-arrange our make them as nice and organized as possible. Not bad going considering I was about 9 or 10 at the time. And the urge to rearrange things and rooms hasn't left me at all, infact I love creating nostalgic spaces, filled with flotsam and jetsam that I have collected or kept from years gone by it makes me feel cozy and homey.
Having Silkie live with us has made our house feel even more cozy and homey, that I can't believe I have never had a pet before..

what was i missing all these years..

Plus Mr M said this morning..
'you know I'm not closed to the idea of getting a kitten...'

What shall we do?

What about dear Sue?

Happy cozy autumn Saturday!!

Sam xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Cozy evenings and Crochet..

Yep the hooks are out again - thankfully the crochet monsters haven't returned as it seems that by some miracle crochet has clicked for me and I'm off again on a new blanket. The picture here is how I can been found at work some lunchtimes with my crochet all over my drawing board. Luckily my friends have got used to it, and I have been trying to encourage some of my other work chums to pick up the crochet hooks, as those evenings are drawing in dear bloggers, I loved watching the leaves fall down as I drove to work today...

Autumn is coming!!

Night night!


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