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Monday, 31 August 2009

For the Bath Cats and Dogs Home...

A big thankyou to Miss Ag and Mr M tooxx

A visitor in the toy hospital (and why I have too many things to do...but the Sue can still sleep..)

How lovely is it to have a bank holiday Monday - for those of you whose free time is limited thanks to working ;0) ( I am grateful for my job - really I am - but boy would I like just a little bit more time for me...but nuff of me moaning...) I will get back on track... I had a visitor to the toy hospital here (do any of you remember Twinkle)..little Miss Owly - who I made for my chum Simon. She is a door stop and is prone to a few knocks..not that she minds to much - she takes her job as door stop very seriously but has lately been losing a few out came my sewing needle and she has been patched and is really keen to get back to her home.

I also have lots of unfinished crafty projects, and Rob and I have been getting a few pictures ready to donate to the Bath Cats and Dogs home...and thanks to Robs organising it, we are hopefully having a little exhibition, with the help of our other dear Arty friends, at a well known Coffee shop in Bath...selling some more Cats and Dogs paintings framed for charity later this year...

So I have finished most of my chores...and have been pootling around Blog land getting Blog and Blog house envy as I'm prone to do...whilst lusting after stuff on the CK website... gosh I love that Laptop bag - I don't even carry my lap top around, but it would look pretty in it wouldn't it?

and the Sue sleeps soundly - even with me crashing and banging about....

Happy Bank Holiday!!

Sam xx

Thursday, 27 August 2009

The lost Meow

Sues back...her MAOW isnt!

It was a bit of a stressy day for her, after getting to the hospital and being sedated they realised that the Tooth Machine (goodness knows what that was) wasn't working, and that Rob would have to take her back home...or she could have the little operation back at the local vet..(Not sure why she couldn't have it done there in the first place..but there we are)

So back she came in a kitty ambulance...and bye bye teeth...or tooth (they didn't take them all thankfully)...and here she is now at home a little wobbly with a square shaved patch on her leg, as well as her neck shaved..poor lamb.

So please dear bloggers..keep an eye on your kittys teeth...the germs and tarter from just one bad little tooth can seriously damage your kittys liver.....

Sues got to get used to Kitty mouth wash now :0)

Thankyou for your sweet comments about her..

Love Sam and the Silent Meaow xx

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Dentist

Sue Kitton has to have what remaining teeth she has out tom...
So think happy blogland thoughts for her..I do worry as she is nearly 14 years young :0)

Bye for now

Sam xx

Monday, 24 August 2009

I did something today I have never done before...

(Apart from buying a yummy CK bag - thankyou Rob and Lucy!)

I went into CK shop today - and I wasn't gonna go - it was horrid weather, and although I can just about make it...just about in my lunch break...its a bit of a stomp and temptation I can really afford to miss..

well I then walked up to this lady and said..

Hello, hope you don't think this is odd..but I really recognize you...from your...BLOG!!!

and I said it...I never EVER introduce my self to strangers...I wouldn't say boo to a goose normally...

It was Jane from Posy!!

I can remember coming across blogland about 3 years ago when I worked from home for a bit..I discovered this lovely land all shabby chic and pretty that I didn't know existed...such well known blogs such as Posy, and The Vintage Magpie, Posy Gets Cozy...Yvestown...yes the ooober bloggers!

So anyway - we had a little chat...then off I scurried...back to work..hoping I hadn't freaked poor Jane out to much...(I convinced my self that I may have been a bit like Rosie from Jam and new favorite programme) worrying that maybe blogland is an secret place where you don't actually ever meet other bloggers....

But thats kinda sad I think....

Have a lovely Monday!

Love Sam xx



PPS Trouble is I want more..:0)

Sunday, 23 August 2009


I love stuff...collecting, hording...bits and bobs, notebooks, scrapbooks, diaries...boxes baskets..old things...old toys..
yes I am Mrs Steptoe. I have always been like it..I would go charity shopping back when I was about 15/16 years old, way back when it wasn't so fashionable to find thirfty things..(thankyou Mrs Cath Kidston) yes I was in those shops, before the nice clean refits happened...before the laminate floors and the colour co-ordinated rails...

I can remember the old school second hand shops...the moth ball smelling...ramshakled shops...and I have to say I miss them.
(Well not so much the musty smell..but the opportunity for a real good rummage...back in the day when things cost 10p)

Now I hope you are all having a nice Sunday...I'm just mulling on the idea of cooking a roast - for me, Rob and The Sue...yes she gets a bit of chicken too ;0)

Well she is going to be spoiled a bit this week, before she has to go to hospital on have her last 2 main chomping teeth removed..she will still have her fangs..but the bad teeth must go as the vet said the germs from her mouth could hurt her liver and kidneys quite seriously later on...and I can't have that!

So have a lovely Sunday dear bloggers...roll on the Autumn!


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

She has me in her sights again...

The evil, most powerful...Catherine Kidston..

Oh dear me - its the lovely autumnly (Is that a word?) patterns and colours..and my weakness is a lovely bag or any kind of accessory, purse etc (Makeup bag thingy) no hints at all Mr M...

Then I saw it - but I am being strong! Considering I love CK so much I really don't have anything apart from quite a few mugs as every thing else I have had I ended up selling on ebay. (Its brilliant really as CK stuff holds it value!)

But I will be strong...must wait till pay I have a £20 voucher!

Also this is a very belated thankyou to - what crochet treats I received! A crochet bag - hat, ring donut, crochet pouch, chocolates and a scented candle!! Lots of love to you Moe! (Hope you receive the little thing I have sent you...;0)


s xx

Sunday, 16 August 2009

A Magic Mr M....

I went home this weekend to see my Ma and Pa...I must admit that I am absolutely is busy busy and driving home straight from work on a friday for 3 hours and then back again today, has wiped me out, and I have that weird 'I'm not sure if I feel ill feeling while one of my wisdom teeth aches a bit' things going on... but I came home to a...

house that has been cleaned from top to bottom, windows as well... and the gardening has been done!!!!!

THANKYOU dear Husband xx
Lots of Love

Mrs M


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Well most of my shop is empty now...

cause I have decided to give my pictures away...well the animal ones I have recently painted to The Bath Cats and Dogs home!
Rob is also going to do some pictures for well as a couple of other good artist chums of mine.

I thought it would be a good idea to donate some pictures that the charity could use in some way, plus I just love painting animals above anything else! (I would dearly love to have a few more animals, but poor Sue wouldn't cope ;0(

I think I will keep adding more pictures as and when I paint them...just incase anyone would like one or something similar!

And before I forget I would like to say a huge thankyou to Moe from who sent me the most amazing crochet swap gifts - I was bowled over by all the effort she has put into the handmade crochet goodies and i will show you a picture - but i have just realized that they are loaded on Robs computer.. which he is working on...sorry Moe I'm rubbish!

I thought I would leave you with the latest Pet Portrait I have been asked to do..of 2 cute cuddly kittiesxx

Happy hump day


Monday, 10 August 2009

Do your pets have routines?

This is my (Silkiesues) Daily routine

Wake up 5.30 am meaow in Sam's ear

Keeping meaowing until food is delivered

Sit on Windowsill meaowing at other irritating cats

At approx 10.30 - back to bed - this time on the bed under the throw and remain there
until approx 3.30pm and eat what ever food is left...visit the toilet..

Retire to the Garden Room (aka the v. small conservatory) and remain there until the humans return

Meow until fed then meaow some more if the microwave is used (it normally works and means prawns)

Sit in the garden at the back gate until 7.30 pm, then back indoors for 8 - 8.30 to retire to bed....under the bed

Look wistfully at Sam...when she continues to pester me, as she is worrying that I am old (13 and 3/4's) as I have to have the
rest of my teeth removed (there are only 2 left), and cause the vet kept referring to me as 'old' on Sat...

Silkiesue xx

(Note to Sam to stop worrying about me...(Sam) thats not gonna work...


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Shop Open!

Well I have listed a few bits for sale in the Gingerwine Gallery.
More pictures will follow, if anyone is interested!

I have listed standard size paintings, all original artwork by me, on cream cardboard mounts, 8 by 10 inches, ready to be framed.

I'm really enjoying painting animals, so if anyone would like a pet portrait please let me know!

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday!

Bye for now

Love Sam x

Friday, 7 August 2009

Theres a new blog in town...

He poo pooed it...

Na its not for me..but I persisted..

Its brilliant..I said you have too!

And he crumbled!!

Mr M isn't anonymous any more... can be found here!

My hubby is a bit good at 'colouring in'

I know he would be thrilled at receiving some visitors ;0)

Happy Friday!


PS I'm hoping for my little shop to be open by the end of the weekend!


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Watercolour Dinnertime Challenge...

I was feeling a bit bored and restless today, wondering what to do with my precious dinner hour, resisting the urge to waist my hour on ebay..then one of my work chums came up to have a look at how to use watercolour paint.

So off I went with my paint brushes with about 15mins to spare, and little Toto appeared..I loved the little dog on The Wizard of Oz, he was a little bit darker in real life than my picture..and I always hated it when 'The Wicked Witch' took him from Dorothy!

And now I'm sat at home with my new DVD on 'I married a Witch' with Veronica Lake..I just couldn't wait til the weekend to watch it!

Don't ya just love black and white films!

Happy Hump day

Sam x

Monday, 3 August 2009

And the winner is...

Josie Mary!

I will be sending you your prize on Saturday....hope you like it...I have very much enjoyed blogging for the last year, so its a bit of a celebration of that say thankyou for the lovely encouraging comments I have received :0)

The illustration I have done is a replica of an original illustration by my favorite illustrator called Rene Cloke from The Magic Faraway Tree. She illustrated lots of the Enid Blyton Books including The Wishing Chair, Faraway Tree, and lots and lots more. As I wrote before I loved and still love those books, and to me they were real. I can remember, when I woke up in the night scared when I was little (I won't bore you will the full sorry tale, but I had night terrors for years as a child poor sleep deprived parents!) I would think of the Faraway Tree and the adventures that were probably going on in the middle of the night...and it kinda made me feel better, even though I was petrified!

So a picture and a few other bits and bobs will be off to Josie-Mary at the weekend xx

Now I'm back on the case with my little shop..and I'm hoping to list a few original watercolours this weekend..which will be framed with a cream card mount, wrapped and ready to be watch this space too.

Oh and before I forget...I received the most generous crochet swap parcel..which deserves its own blog I will blog that asap! :0)

Happy Monday

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
Cath Kidston is too Much