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Sunday, 19 June 2011

and we are off....

Hey Bloggers...

Just a quick message to say I won't be blogging for a bit, as we are moving house this week - its chaos here, boxes mess everywhere, and no internet for a bit.

Its funny - I didn't think I would get upset, but I did get a bit tearful today. We have lived in our current house for 10 years, and although I was never really in love with it, I suddenly remembered all the things that happened here, and I can't take them with me.

But I won't miss the memory of sitting in my living room some years ago balling my eyes out, at the thought of going to my HR job locally (seriously one of the worst jobs I have ever had) because a couple of the senior members of staff were absolute witches!

But I will miss silly things really, like my Dad tiling my bathroom. Every time I go in there I think, yep Dad did a good job of that.

The new house, is all made, nothing needs doing at all, I think it might feel like a holiday home to start with.

We have really good friends locally too, just up the road, so I'm sure there will be new lovely memories to make. Plus I hope Miss Sue gets on with the local felines, we had one beautiful cat, chat to us and follow us into the garden today.

I think I'm too sentimental for my own good..

Hope you are all well and happy :0)

Be back soon

Sam and Silkiesue

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Middleton Fever!...

Hey Bloggers!
Hows u this week? I'm still in limbo - we should hear today if we are moving next Friday..Its weird really, Mr M has taken on most of the burden of organizing things, that on top of his work it has been rather stressful (Weird how people don't reply to emails and phone messages) - but he has handled everything amazingly..well done husband if you read this (Between me and you, I don't think he stops by here that much!) So for me I'm still in a bit of denial that its going to keep my mind off things, I have been looking out for the latest outfits the 'Middleton' sisters have been wearing...can't wait to see Kate and Wills photographs from their tour abroad, I think it happens in July sometime.. Just love it that they wear clothes from the high street!...Wonder if they will go to Wimbledon next week too?
I'll be back soon!!


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thrift Shopping Joy..

Hey Bloggers...long time no speak?

Well I'm still in limbo at the moment, still waiting to hear from the lawyers about the move date, I think we are in the final stages, so hopefully next week we will have a better idea of when we need to pack up.

Well, I can't really show you any photos of much at the mo (So I have included some little doodles, hope thats ok!)

The house is looking 'lived in', I can't really be bothered to plump cushions any more as we could be out of here in 2 to 3 I'm making the most of lounging about!

Since I last popped by my little spot of blogland I have rediscovered something, that I have not really enjoyed for over a year, and thats visiting the local charity (or thrift shops). Up until recently, my local shops, have been well, a little lacking...then I came across some new secondhand shops to stop by on my lunch break...

And I have really picked up some bargins!

As a 30 something, I have in recent years, really lost interest in fashion.  I think, for me anyway since turning 30 some 7 years ago, I have really struggled with what to wear, and have been completely uninspired.  

That was until 'Middleton Fever' happened, and 2 very elegant, stylish ladies really came on the scene.
Although they are ..ahem a little younger than me, I have to confess that I love all the beautiful clothes that Kate and Pippa Middleton wear, and the majority are from the high street...

So what started as a 'Bag Crush'

Yummy Bristol Modalu Bag!

has turned into something else, and boy have I purchased some bargins this week...I think my favourite was a practically new Zara Grey Cashmere jumper for the grand total of £3.00, from one especially good charity shop in Bath.

So any way dear Bloggers, hope you are happy and well, where ever you are in the blogosphere...

I will be back soon with some more bloggy waffle!

Heres to bargin hunting!!

Love Sam xx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Looks like we are moving!...

Devizes Castle

Do you like it bloggers?

(Only kidding!)

We we had the news today that we have a it looks like it is full steam ahead to moving in about a months time to...

do do doooo

Devizes in Wiltshire.

It has lots of locks, and pretty countryside, lovely shops and pubs too! Our new house (which is a brand new house built in the style of an old house) is a 10 minute walk away from the canal. This is why I want a new I can cycle along the river bank.

Its about as close to Devon, as you can get without the sea...but near enough to work for both of us, Plus you can get to the New Forest in 40mins, and Portsmouth in about an hour and 20mins...near to where I grew up before I moved to North Devon.

Devizes has a lot of history, and more recently has a lot of history to do with World War 2. (I'm looking forward to going to the local Museum)

Our really good chums live near a very old town house...

Theres a lovely old pond too - about 20 mins walk from our new place..

and these are the locks...

and there is an old fashioned cinema!

and apparently Far from the Maddening Crowd was filmed there too!

Well if its good enough for Julie Christie...its good enough for me!

Happy Wednesday Bloggers thanks so much for stopping by!

Love Sam..

PS I just wanted to say a particular thankyou to Jo Jo - who without fail, leaves messages to me all the time, I really appreciate your friendly words xx

PPS...I'm still lusting after the Pippa Bag by if anyone has one they would like to donate to a mad bag lady, I would be ever so grateful :0)

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