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Saturday, 28 February 2009


I suffer from this.
I have an awful short term memory, but as for my long term memory...

I can remember what I used to have for lunch when I was at Junior school and what programmes I liked to watch (Button Moon!)
I remember the perfume my mum wore (It helps that she still wears it!), and the smell of her posh leather bag!
I have some of my precious loved toys still, and couldn't bear not to have the grand old age of 35.
I still remember my favourite books...up the faraway tree by Enid Blyton and there are many more.
And some days if I glance at the clock at 3.15pm, I think I used to leave school every day at this time.

Maybe thats why I love vintage things...not just the Shabby Chic things, but things, foods and music from the early 80's.... anything really that can give me a small memory, just to take me back for a moment.

and I find myself missing those times more often than not.

So there I was mooching the charity shops today when I found a bear.
Someone once loved him, he has no fur and must have been cuddled very much.
I couldn't leave him in the cabinet, and he was only 5.00
So he had to come home with me....;0)

Happy Saturday Ladies

Love Sam xxx

No I won't!

No I won't Mrs Kidston....part with 69.00 of my hard earned pounds, for that lovely bag of yours....
Its just too darn expensive, and its plastic!

Where do you get these prices from?

Happy Saturday ladies!

Love Sam (and the Sue!!)

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Thankyou Beki!

Hello and woo hoooo its Thursday, one more sleep til the weekend.

Now before I can go on I must say a huge thankyou to Beki from The Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy (Still can't links blogs sorry!) as she kindly sent me the most lovely goodies for winning her give a way. Even Silkie wanted to get in on the act (she always does) I received some lovely things, including some badges , chocolates, a lovely soap...a bookmark (very nice CK!) and a handmade heart which is now on my bedside I love give a ways...tempted my self to do another....would that be weird though??? as I have only done one my self recently!

Oh, but talking of give a ways...would anyone like to give me the new Cath Kidston saddle bag? I went in the shop yesterday and touched it...and I LOVE it. BUT it 69.00....that is my normal big shop food budget for the week for me and mr m, and the Sues prawns.....Is that expensive or is that me????

So now I am trawling ebay , as I really like the style and I know its basically a copy of a cartridge if anyone sees one any where could you let me know..I know it wouldn't be flowerly, but I wouldn't mind!

Oh poop to CK...and her lovely LOVELY bags....with spotty lining....
Thankyou again Beki xxxx

Love Sam xx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Lost toy, new pencil case and more wooly projects!


Just watched Battlestar Galactica with Mr M, and thought I could do a spot of blogging to say hi to you!
I have to tell you about my weekness with old worn toys..always have had a soft spot for them, I mean they look so sad and lost with no eyes or missing bits. esp when you think that someone loved them once.
One particular story that really makes me blub is the Velveteen Rabbit..gosh even reading the words and thinking about the story makes me well up!

So who do you think had to come and have a nice home with me , when I saw him for sale with no eyes , but this darling little worn bunny with the sweetest ears. Luckily I had some nice new shiny eyes, so he is looking rather smart now! (I know I'm bonkers!)

Well the crocheting is part of my everyday life right now, and I'm carrying on with my granny blanket, but in the mean time I'm having a go at a bedfellow maybe by the weekend there maybe a new little toy to add to my collection!

Oh and a new purchase...a stanley pencil case from CK - this is the BEST pencil case I have EVER had!!

Night Night!!

Love Sam and Silkie Sue who is curled up behind my desk next to the radiator....


Sunday, 22 February 2009

This is my POV right now....

I have had a very busy week and weekend...crafting working full time, and decorating my bathroom and kitchen.... boy was I pooped last night...and what a lovely surprise I had...I have won a give away from Beki at The Ramblings of an everyday Mummy and I'm chuffed to bits! (Thankyou Beki !!)

Thought you might like to see where I am sat right now , and I'm not planning on moving for a bit!!

Happy Sunday
Love Sam and The Sue!! xx

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bedfellows Crochet Bear...any tips...

Really quick post, as yet again I'm shattered and really have to go to bed, but wanted to show you my next crochet a bedfellow bear from the stitch and bitch book.

Now I'm getting on 'ok' with the Granny Squares...but has anyone crocheted a little toy like this and if so do you have any tips???

The pattern looks a bit 'full on'

Nighty night

Love Sam xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wooly UFO's, New Projects and Guilty Pleasures!

Well I have had a busy evening starting painting in the Kitchen, whilst trying to watch the new series of Mistresses on the IPlayer!
I have ordered my self a crocheting book called Happy Hooker Stitch and Bitch, mainly because I wanted some more crafting projects to do especially crochet, and because I really want to crochet a softie inspired by a lady called Camilla Engman ( I will post a pix on the side bar - I first noticed her softies 3 years ago when I discovered blogging, and well I just have to have one!!

I have also made another crochet cushion, which my Mr M thinks looks like a Wooly UFO....but he still kinda liked them. A couple of days ago I could hear 50's sci fi music wafting down the stairs with a levitating Wooly Cushion 'appearing' to float down the stairs...

Any way I thought I would leave you something a bit fun...I have decided to list 5 guilty pleasures...silly things that I love but generally keep to myself...just silly things...

1. I quite like (I mean I love .. there I said it!!) old Carry on Films, especially Carry on Screaming!
2. I have a crush on Midge Ure from Ultravox and once saw him at the local dump in Bath!
3. If I'm home alone I love a dirty ...wait for it TV Dinner..and I leave it in the packaging!
4. I'm a bit of a closet Britney Spears fan (Cringe I know!!)
5. ermmmm stuck now ...but I'm sure I can think of more!!

Happy Wednesday

Love Sam

PS sorry I seem to keep taking the same photo of my arm chair..I promise to be more inventive!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A couple of thankyous...


Sorry this is going to be a quick posting tonight, I have been having some technical issues as I am still having bother linking your blogs...I will get there but I will have to just write them for tonight.

So thankyou from Silkie Sue to Tom (and Toms mum Willow) at Tea with Willow for sending us a lovely Valentine gift! Silkie literally opened her pressi herself...(thankyou for the chocolates too xxxx)

And to Sian at Diary of a TIny Holder for the blog award..I will have to load the photos up properly hopefully tomorrow as my eyes are failing me now!!

So my dear blogging chums , I will have to say night night...

Have Sweet Dreams !!

Love Sam and Silkie Sue xxx

PS Thankyou for your kind words of encouragement on my last posting xxx ;0)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

I'm just a copy cat....

Evening Ladies (and gentlemen if there are any!)

I have a confession, yes I'm just a copy cat. I visit your lovely blogs and get blog envy! So what was my plan this paint 2 rooms (how ridiculous is that) and finish a round cushion like posies. (Except in a slightlier bodgier rushed way!)

Well got underway with the painting after yet again rushing too much and buying the wrong shade paint AND still painting with it even though I knew the colour was wrong. Then having a massive strop until Mr M bought me a new tin of paint in a much nicer shade rather than the one I bought that resembled the colour of my skin.!

So I now have a nicely painted bathroom in a sort of Mushroom colour with my pictures of little dogs on the walls (I had an idea that there would be a doggy theme in the bathroom)

I have been mulling over a posting that the lovely Thifty Mrs wrote recently about taking a step back from blogging and feeling like you have to have the same things to fit it. Well I feel like that too to some extent... I know what I like, but sometimes I'm overwhelmed by other peoples things , so that I end up feeling that my bits and bobs are not up to scratch. (I mean I'm trying my hardest to turn our 1960s terraced small house into Kate Winslets cottage from the holiday on a very small budget!)

I have always been influenced by other peoples things, I think that comes from being an only child in a way, way back when I used to get bedroom envy from my friends rooms (I has a purple bedroom with larva carpet, and really I wanted a pretty Laura Ashley bedroom!)

So we are again, another week to come, with Spring on the way...and I hope you find yourselves well on this Sunday night...

I do love being apart of this blogland , even though I'm running about like a mad women with all my projects - you ladies are just too blooming inspiring xxx

Lots of love Sam and Silkie Sue

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Thankyou Thankyou! For my Valentine dear Ag!

Wow...I don't know what to say, but what I will say is a huge thankyou to my dear friend Ag who I was paired with for the Valentine Swap. I must explain that although Ag and I entered the swap separately we were paired together...and we see each other every day at work!

But that didn't matter, and I am now sat here with my mouth open at the lovelyness that Ag has sent me and more importantly painted for me for Valentines..... the most beautiful painted picture with me and Mr M and the Sue!!!

Now I have to find a really good spot to hang it !!

I also got 3 lovely little Cath Kidston mirrors...cuteness and the sweetest card!

So please my dear blogging chums, visit Ags blog (On Planet Ag) she is an amazing illustrator and a very lovely person too xxx

Happy Valentines Day


Friday, 13 February 2009

Dreaming of Special Valentine...

Silkie and Tom sitting in a tree

K.. I ..S ..S.. I ..N ..G..

Happy Valentine's Eve!!


Need more Red Bull...or the cheaper Sainsbury's Version...


Sorry it has been a couple of days, but I'm having a frenzied project blast! Two days ago (After suffering house envy looking at your lovely blogs) I decided that my kitchen and Bathroom needed a revamp - so here I am on a Friday Night, getting reading to paint again. Because of the colour (A sort of Cath Kidston Blue) I'm having to paint white over the top - how boring is that - and how much longer does it take. So I have decided to paint my bathroom a sort of pale pinky colour and my Kitchen a pale green colour...

And I have also decided that I want to crochet a round pink cushion, as inspired by Posy (Blog Queen!)

Gosh you ladies have ignited a Creative fire in me....


But I will have time for a couple of cheeky (large) Friday night G and Ts after the Tesco Big Shop comes.....


Maybe 2 or 3 gins......

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Its growing.....


Well nothing really exciting to report today...but I thought I would give you an update on the Granny Square, the thing is it keeps growing...and I think I have decided to make it big enough to go over the end of the bed. So, not sure how long that is going to take, but I'm doing a little bit each day...even at lunch time and when I'm going to bed! I have also ordered a book from Amazon of other patterns (Really want to make some little toys and a round cushion too)

Oh there are sooo many things I want to make and do, but my time is limited, but I do love learning how to make things!

Love Sam xx

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Busy Morning!

Well , I started today as I normally do at the weekend with my laptop on my lap, toast and coffee, determined to seek out new and lovely blogs. I must admit that I am addicted, completely. Looking at all of your lovely homes and projects just fills me with inspiration, so what do you think I decided to make this morning.....a Union Jack Cushion.

Now as usual, I rush around like a mad woman, and it isn't perfect in anyway but I ended up quite pleased with the result. Even Mr M liked it ( between you and me I don't know whether he is absolutely convinced about my shabby chic obsessions)
I mean I was sat on a Saturday night Crocheting, not the most edgy thing to be doing...but do you know, I love it! I love making things, so I don't care!

Well I'm trying to resist buying a Stanley Wallet on the CK site, they have been reduced to £15 now, do you think that is expensive? I just don't know? Can I live without it????

One thing I wish she would make is a filofax, I love diaries, So heres a plee to Mrs Kidston ...Pllleeassee make a lovely olicloth filofaxy diary?????

So here are some pictures of the cushion, just made this morning....just don't look tooo closely

Have a happy Sunday

Love Sam and Silkie who is having her 3rd Big sleep for the day xxx

oh and I had to post a picture of 'The Sue' too xx

Friday, 6 February 2009

Staying in and watching a favorite film!

Here we are another weekend apon us. I have been rather stressed today - woke up to see very heavy snow outside and me and Mr M couldn't make it to work. We waited at the bus bus, tried to get a train, and they didn't seem to be running, couldn't drive the car to the main road. So I came back in doors and luckily I checked and could work at home. But boy was I stressed! For some reason I just couldn't relax and felt anxious most of the day, I tend to work my self up into a right old grumpy state when I'm the morning here was a little stressful! I don't think my tonsilitus helped either!

But no more feeling sorry for my self, my dear blogging chums, I'm sorry for moaning on, so I won't moan on any more..there is a lot more out in the world to fret over, and a sore throat and snow really isn't worth it!

So , here I am watching a favorite film of mine- Death Becomes her with Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep..just wonderful, makes me laugh!!

(Plus there may be a bit of crocheting and a cheeky G and T)

Can't be bad can it?
Love Sam xxx
PS Keep Warm!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sore Throat...but I got rid of the Granny Square monsters....

Hello Ladies...

Well here we are nearly at the end of another week, and I have to say me and The Sue are cream crackered, plus I have a sore throat to boot but its not all bad news.

The news my dear blogging chums is that I have cracked granny squares! Its only taken me nearly 3 weeks of practicing but its clicked. Thankyou for your words of encouragement, cause if anything I wanted to show you that Its possible, even someone like me who isn't naturally gifted really with a needle and thread... can do it xxx

So anyway, I hope you all find yourselves well in these snowy cold days...and ready for another weekend.

Thought I would also leave you a picture of the LOVELY CK bag I got for Christmas xxx

Love Sam xx

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sorry About Email!


Just wanted to say sorry to those of you who have been having difficulty emailing me...I think my Blueyonder mail is bunged up but my hotmail seems to be ok...

Will get your Raffle gifts out as soon as I can (I'm away with work tomorrow) but it will def be before the weekend

Love Sam xx

Monday, 2 February 2009

And the Winners are....

Good Evening...

Well SIlkie and I have been busy and the Silkie Sue Raffle has been drawn (with the help of Mr M) without any more dilly dallying here are the results...............

In First Place
Lavender Hearts (Diary of a tiny holder)

In Second Place
Rachel the Krafty Gal

In Third Place
Flossie and Tom

and because I just missed putting your name in the pot a late Forth Reserve prize to...
Mary Poppins...

Thankyou sooo much for popping over and leaving me such lovely comments...and ladies I will message you
but could you email me your full postal addresses and I will forward the little treats to youxxxx

Lots of love Sam and Silkie Sue xx

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Don't forget about Silkies Give a Way!! and the temptations of Ms Kidston

Oh I couldn't resist, normally I have really strongish will power when going into the CK shop. I tend to just stare at all the lovely lovely things...but I couldn't resist this pencil case thingy. I thought I could fill it with some sewing and crochet stuff to as it has a little pocket inside. It was only £8 squid, and its supposed to be for children...but then I am a bit of a kid at heart!

Now ladies, don't forget..the Silkie Sues giveaway will be happening tomorrow night approx 9pm. Silkie will pick ...(I know she is such a clever cat!) 3 names out of some kind of tin thingy for First Second and Third places.... Just some little treats to say thankyou from both of us for popping over and making me feel so welcome here in Blogland. A place I couldn't be without now...(Unless Daniel Craig decided to wisk me away to a tropical paradise...Only joking my beloved Mr M!)

So hope you are all well on this cozy Sunday PM....

Got a roast cooking and TCM on , and with your company I'm quite happy!

Love Sam (and the Sue!) xx

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
Cath Kidston is too Much