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Friday, 16 September 2011

Silkie Sues Halloween Giveaway!

Hey Bloggers!

Change of plan.. I did consider thinking about rounding a few bloggers up for a kind of Halloweeny Blog a Swap..but I decided to do a giveaway instead, to say thanks for popping by, and because my favourite holiday is coming closer and closer.

I'm not sure entirely what the giveaway will be..I have a few bear with me...but it will have a spooky theme!! have ages to to play...just pop a little link on your blog to miss sues blog, by the 10th October...and if you have any spooky stories to tell, or links to cool halloweeny things you will get another entry! (I will post all over the world!)

I promise I will make it a good prize!

Now I'm off for a holiday for a folks have come to stay, as we are house swapping!!

Bye for now dear bloggy chums!

Love Sam and Silkie xx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Coraline...and handbags..

Started watching Coraline recently...have you seen it? I love it..the sets, design everything..and seeing as I'm in an especially Halloweeny mood just now..its perfect!! Coraline has a little doll delivered to her, from 'her other mother'
Wonder what I'm making?
Also...check out this bag I purchased off ebay..

£12 uk pounds!!
Looks a lot like a famous brand...??
I was well chuffed...still lusting after the mummy brick bag!
Bye for now bloggers!
Sam x

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Another Stanley...

He'll be off to a new home soon...happy Saturday!!

Sam xx

PS in the uk Strictly come dancing is back!!!!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Anyone for a Halloween Blog Swap?

This is my look of alarm when cooking...
Just a quicky - does anyone fancy doin a Halloween themed Blog Swap? I haven't played at swapseys for ages...normally really busy...BUT I think I could make time for this one..
Anyway - I won't be offended if noone fancies it...I'll put out an official swap blog notice in the next couple of days if I get a bit of a response..xx
Sam x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Practical Magic

Ok..its official...Halloween season for me has arrived.
I have been busy tonight sewing another toy, and I just had to have Practical Magic on in the background..

This one of my favourite Halloween films..I love the house they live in..and the spell book they use.

Guess what...its real!..the spell book !

The book was auctioned off about 10 years ago I think and this blogger owns it.. Octoberfarm
I couldn't believe jealous am I ...I really want my own book of spells..

Here is another cool link about the film..

Practical Magic

I think its quite an old website but has lots of info..

Now..where am I gonna get an old spell book from?

s xxx

Monday, 5 September 2011

A little early..

Check this out... Halloween Animation its beautiful!!

The Enchanted Forest...(and other things)

Yesterday afternoon, after a 20 minute drive, after getting a bit stressed as we couldn't find parking we visited Enid Blytons Enchanted Forest, otherwise known as Savernake Forest..

I wish I had more battery power on my phone to take more photos..but I was a little nervous, as we saw only 4 people and wanted to keep the power on my phone..just in case!...The trees here are incredible...and we went off the paths too...I will be going back again armed with more battery power for will be really beautiful when the autumn is in full flow..and guess what...apparently its a haunted one point there where NO birds singing...seriously!

I have had a little bit of a splurge in the charity shops lately..check out my lovely old mantle clock..

and the sewing machine is out again..wonder what I'm making..

also got an amazing vintage print of Kim Novak from Bell Book and Candle..

and a vintage Bush radio for £15!

Silkie was pleased...she loves a bit of old tat..

Happy Monday!
Love Sam x

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
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