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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Lost toy, new pencil case and more wooly projects!


Just watched Battlestar Galactica with Mr M, and thought I could do a spot of blogging to say hi to you!
I have to tell you about my weekness with old worn toys..always have had a soft spot for them, I mean they look so sad and lost with no eyes or missing bits. esp when you think that someone loved them once.
One particular story that really makes me blub is the Velveteen Rabbit..gosh even reading the words and thinking about the story makes me well up!

So who do you think had to come and have a nice home with me , when I saw him for sale with no eyes , but this darling little worn bunny with the sweetest ears. Luckily I had some nice new shiny eyes, so he is looking rather smart now! (I know I'm bonkers!)

Well the crocheting is part of my everyday life right now, and I'm carrying on with my granny blanket, but in the mean time I'm having a go at a bedfellow maybe by the weekend there maybe a new little toy to add to my collection!

Oh and a new purchase...a stanley pencil case from CK - this is the BEST pencil case I have EVER had!!

Night Night!!

Love Sam and Silkie Sue who is curled up behind my desk next to the radiator....



bekimarie said...

The Velveteen Rabbit is a lovely story. The book actually takes pride of place on my bookshelf next to Alice in Wonderland.
Your bunny reminds me of my Teddy, they seem to have a similar look, perhaps they're related 'he he'.
Will post a piccie at some point and see if you can see the resembalance. He was my first teddy so is now the grand old age of 38...OUCH!
Have a good week
Take care
Beki xxx

Jemm said...

Ah, how sweet :) I LOVE the red bag and pencil case. Right up my alley :)

Hollypop's said...

What a cute rabbit, I have some old toys too, glad he has a nice new home, and new eyes too.
Take care.

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely rabbit... I have to really stop myself from buying sad toys or else my house will be over run with them!! Hows the toy coming on?? I'm thinking of giving it ago. :)

ag said...

oh I can't wait your new softy to be born!
love xxxxx

Greedy Nan said...

Foo Foo the Rabbit is a good one too if you can get hold of it. It's so-o-o funny.
I imagined you had a very small crochet project inside the Stanley bag but the ball of wool you are using at the moment wouldn't fit so completely wrong there then ...
Great crochet project - I have difficulty finding patterns.

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