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Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Small Hangover (Thanks to Hugh Jackman) and a little GIVE A WAY!!

Well last night I had a few too many drinks at home whilst sat watching a rather nice film with Hugh Jackman, and I woke with a rather dizzy head...BUT I have had a lovely day non the less.

Had to be up early to take The Sue to the Vets to have her 6 month flee injection...bless her heart she doesn't like to go at all and gets very sweaty paws! Then me and Mr M went and met our lovely dear chums The Gurrs for a spot of lunch, and on the way home Mr M popped into Fopp and bought me a book that I have not been able to put down ALL afternoon.

Have any of you seen the film Twilight?

I thought It would be poop....but I was mistaken. Ooo I just can't stop thinking about it I just LOVED it! and how pleased I was went Mr M handed me the sequel to read called New Moon. Just Briliant.

I also popped into the local charity shops, and found something too pretty to leave behind, but something I don't want to keep.
Now I love crafting and sewing and as you know I REALLY love to crochet. It suits me well, its quick and grows quickly and because I work full time its some thing that I can do on a lunch hour really easily. Embroidery is something else, whilst I appreciate it, I don't think I have the time or patience to tackle it but I know some of you will do..

So its just a mini give a away , 2 slightly started bits - one is a little doily thingy and the other is for a cushion, there are the instructions and some threads too.

If you would like it (I hope someone does because they are really pretty!) Please leave me a message by Tuesday night 9pm and Silkie will pick a name from the hat!

Happy Saturday

Lots of Love S&S

PPS Had to show a pix of my bag again - I love that bag!


Jemm said...

Oh I wished I lived in England!! We'd be such good friends. I loved the Twilight book and have the rest of the series in my possession if I ever get time for it. Cannot wait to get the film to watch. I was like you and thought "It cannot be THAT good" and fell in love!

Love the embroidery. Another reason I wish I lived in England :) Your paintings in the background of your bag look very lovely.

Shabby Chick said...


I'd love to be in with a chance please, the embroidery is lovely :)

Poor little Sue, that must be horrible for both of you. I remember what it was like taking our cat to the vet when I was little, she hated it and would get really upset.

Mel xxx

Little Knitter Gem said...

I'd like to be entered, please!!

Loving your fab new bag! I need to do a new bag post, too. Got a scrummy little number from Paperchase, and am still gloating!! I've had loads of comments already! :) Ahhh bags...... ;)

Gemma x x

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'd love to be entered too! I've never tried enbroidery, so perhaps this will be my chance to try it out?


Mlle M.


Hollypop's said...

Hi Sam, I can see why you love your bag so much. Glad you had a good weekend, hope Sue has got over her jab.
Take a look on my blog there's an award for you.
Take care

Tip Top said...

Hellllooooo! Don't know how else to contact you but I am your swop partner for the Heart Swop on Mollycupcakes! Who-hoo!! You can contact me (if you want!) through my website

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
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