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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I have been very bad....... Edit (A Message for Mel Mel!)

Oh Dear.

I really do lead a thrifty life honestly. My main spending goes on in the local charity shops, I buy second hand clothes, and bits and bobs for the house, and make things alot even if they are a bit bodgy! So the thing is that I did like the M&S bag...but I didn't really love it and I really wanted too. So something came over me yesterday..l was a woman posessed. I took that bag back and where do you think I ended up.

Cath Kidston

As cool as a cucumber I marched in there, picked THE saddle bag up and bought it. Just like that.

It felt REALLY good.

No more treats, visits to the charity shops for me this month, pack lunch every day, but I'm going to keep that bag of mine...

Thats bag love for you!!

Lots of Love a very bad Sam xx

PS I'm going to THE COUNTRY LIVING fair in London with work tomorrow!!


PPS I will post some more interested pictures asap, as Mr M got my camera working properly and I have my Devon Pix!!


oo before I forget, this is a little message for Mel Mel! I would love to visit your blog again, and I wondered if I could invite myself over - if that was ok? You always leave me such lovely messages xxx


Josie-Mary said...

You have been very bad!!! But it's better to have a bag you really love even if it was double the price...LOL!!! I'm sure you'll use it for years so you'll get your moneys worth. I feel like spending at the moment, I really want to go to CK but I think I better stay at home :)

Hen said...

I think you did the right thing. Much better to get something you've been lusting after than something you weren't keen on, even if it cost more. Enjoy the fair.
Hen x

Surfer Rosa said...

I just knew you would get it eventually!!! Cath Kidston has that effect ... she's just not sensibly affordable but when I saw my bag (velvet stone roses - love it) I decided it was far too much to spend but then I kept thinking about it ..... tried to forget but saw it on other's blogs (grrr the jealousy) ... I then tried to find similar cheaper alternative but none came close .... I tried to find one cheaper on eBay but everyone else has that idea too so it there isn't really a saving .... I tried to wait for my birthday as extravagent purchases are OK if it's your birthday but it's was ages away .... and eventually I succumbed!!!
Enjoy your new bad bag!

MelMel said...

Good for you!
Its so lovely lovely lovely!
Well worth the spend AND so much joy it will bring everytime you use it!

Hollypop's said...

Lucky you a trip to the Country Living Fair and a super pretty new bag to take with you.
Enjoy your day out, we all need a treat now and then.
Take care.

Lydia said...

Very funny!



Jemm said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. You only live once, right? It is a lovely bag :)

Lace hearts said...

That bag will see you through many years, and is a sound purchase! Really lovely... very envious. ;-)

Sarah said...

Just found your blog! - did you enjoy Country Living? I went last wednesday and loved every minute.

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