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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Best Places to find Bargins... Do you want to join in?

I had an share places where I have found bargins...and bits and bobs that look at bit like Mrs Kidstons bits and bobs and anything else really (cause we all know how pricey her things can be!!) and I wondered if anyone else wanted to join in...

Well to start with - I saw in M&S last week oil cloth shopping spotty bags for 10 squid in pretty pink and green - just like CK's book bags and if I can be soo bold...a bit nicer!!

The cheap oil cloth buy inspired me!

Going to rack my brains now (well the one that I have) for more bargins....

Nighty night!!
Love Sam and a Sleepy Sue xxx


Lavender hearts said...

My tip is to buy CK things in John Lewis because instead of having to pay the stupid £5 delivery charge it's free delivery!

Also, Laura Ashley online take pay pal so I tend to sell things and rather than have to pay the paypals fees withdrawing the money, I buy things I need/want from there. :-)

You're not being bold, I've been through the phase you are going through 'Cath love'. I still like some of her stuff, but there is life after Cath! ;-)

Josie-Mary said...

What a great idea... count me in. I love CK & have been buying since she started but her prices are so high now. :)

LissyLou said...

good idea, i'll have a think too. x

Hen said...

I was looking through the Next Summer catalogue the other day and there is a page of great kitchen ware, all polka dots and flowers. There's a set of kitchen tins/canisters which are really lovely - and cheap.

Sarah said...

Fab idea. As much as I love CK, I'm not prepared to pay such high prices now along with expensive P + P.

thriftymrs said...

Ooh I have one of those M&S bags.

I like a quick glance around Home Bargain for great CK style table mats and coasters etc. For about £2!

MelMel said...

Tk maxx and homesense do fab CK bargains...
Also BHS, do some lovely vintage and retro style stuff....poundland....and B&M's....
Dunhelm Mill...all have lovely floral personal fave is the Laura Ashley sale....and charity shops....:>)))


Little Knitter Gem said...

Ooooh bargains!! Love them!! Everyone's made such great suggestions already. I generally have a good rummage in the supermarket home sections. A few months ago I picked up a gorgeous white cotton double duvet set with gorgeous pintuck detailing - just perfect for layering with a CK style bedspread - for £12.99. Bargain!! Matalan - and even Argos- do some good vintage inspired kitchen and home items, too.

Oh, and there is an award for you over at my blog. :)

Gemma x x

Vintage Amethyst said...

What a good idea.
I do love CK but it certainly is a bit pricy, there are so many similar things around these days too. Supermarkets seem to have picked up on the popularity of CK and have lots of things.
I have a couple of Eco-bags in my shop that are quite CK like ~ I will have to post about them on my blog!

Tip Top said...

It's me again! Emailed you re the heart swop but not sure if I sent it to the right email address?! Let me know if I need to do it again!

Lyn said...

Oh I am so trying to stay away from any shops at the moment-My spending got way out of control last year so I have given myself a stern talking to and just don't go near them! But the one thing I did submit to was the stripy tea towels from Wilkinsons 5 for £2 I read about them on someones blog and just couldn't resist!

saraeden said...

I found some great CK things today in TKMaxx !!

Sara x

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