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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bargin Oil Cloth - had to share!

I really love oilcloth - but how expensive is it???
I know I know - its really practical - and lovely but it was going to cost
me £26 squid at least to cover my dining/blogging table...until today!!

£5.70 a meter in a shop called Kitchens in Bath - its a lovely duck eggish blue!

I was well chuffed!!

So I thought I would be brave and show a pic of my 1960s terrace that I'm trying my hardest to
turn into a Cath Kidston Homage...on the cheap!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Love Samxx

PS The bunting is my wedding bunting...made of CK fabric - not by me sadly!!

PPS And the sexy 1940's pinup painting you can just make out - was painted by Mr M ;0)

PPPS Nicky at Hollypops gave me an award - I have to list 7 things I like (I think!)

1 Mr M and The Sue
2 Thrift Shopping
3 Anything Spooky
4 Gin and Tonic
5 Twilight
6 Crochet
7 Painting!

xxxNight Night!!


Shabby Chick said...

Such a pretty room! I need to go to Bath now lol! That cabinet of yours is beautiful. I don't think it's so much what type of house you have as what you make of it :)

Mel xxx

Lavender hearts said...

It looks gorgeous, I think you should vere on the side of 1950s/60s Cath rather than cottage/french inspired, as you have done in this room. Very nice! I've got some old copies of home mags, one in particular has an amazing kitchen makeover in it (very very cheap too) that just transports you back to the 1950s. I'll dig it out and send you a pic. :-)

Flossie and Tom said...

What a bargain !

I need some to cover a couple of chairs but by the time I've driven to Bath from the Midlands dont think its going to be a saving !!

Might try and get to Dunelm - I've heard its quite reasonable there.


Jemm said...

Looks very pretty! I have to say THANK YOU again for drawing my name in the giveaway!!! I'm so excited :)

MelMel said...

Wow, your house is so cute!

The oilcloth is wonderful and your bunting so pretty!
Well done you for doing within a budget, it looks fab!xxx

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