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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Help Bloggers

I accidently clicked in the top left and flagged my blog - what do I do??

I havent written anything nasty!!!

Really worried!!

sam xxxx

PS thanks for your messages and silly me forget to list one of the most important things
I love....


Lots of love to you xxx


Shabby Chick said...

Hi Sam

Have a read of this

It seems as if they only take action when you have a few flags? I would think one from yourself they will hopefully realise is a mistake. It sounds like if they did do anything it would only be to not allow it to be searchable on google???

Look at this too


Mel xxx

Little Knitter Gem said...

Oh no!! This sounds just like something I would do!!! Like Shabby Chick says, I'm sure they wont take any action, seeing as it was you who did it.

Hope your day gets better!! :)

Gemma x x

Jemm said...

Your blog came up looking just like normal for me. Nothing changed. So maybe everything's fine. I'll let you know if I see anything out of the ordinary or anything. :)

Hollypop's said...

Your blog came up normally for me to, so hopefully you haven't done anything too drastic.
I've washed the bedding including the old linen sheet I use as a throw on top today - it's like a summers day here - hooooray!!!!
Take care.

MelMel said...

I don't know what flagging is?
Is it bad?

Just popped back to drool over your cute dining room again!xxxxx

MelMel said...

I opened my blog, cos I wasn't sure if some ppl could view it...been a few hitches...xxxx

MelMel said...

Hi hun...I felt sure you were on my list of readers for the private blog....I think I've messed up...if you leave your email ad, I'll redo it, sorry about that!xxxxx

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