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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Watercolour Dinnertime Challenge...

I was feeling a bit bored and restless today, wondering what to do with my precious dinner hour, resisting the urge to waist my hour on ebay..then one of my work chums came up to have a look at how to use watercolour paint.

So off I went with my paint brushes with about 15mins to spare, and little Toto appeared..I loved the little dog on The Wizard of Oz, he was a little bit darker in real life than my picture..and I always hated it when 'The Wicked Witch' took him from Dorothy!

And now I'm sat at home with my new DVD on 'I married a Witch' with Veronica Lake..I just couldn't wait til the weekend to watch it!

Don't ya just love black and white films!

Happy Hump day

Sam x


Lyn said...

I do love B&W films, I love your Toto too!

Shabby Chick said...

Ahhh isn't he sweet! Amazing you could do that in quarter of an hour.

Enjoy your film - I'm just about to watch a Thai horror which is a lot different I'm sure!!!!

Mel xxx

Jessi said...

15mins? you are far too talented sam

Lyn said...

I like your new header picture Sam,very cute.
Love Lyn

Pink Feather Paradise said...

awww he's very sweet... I love the wizard of Oz... scarecrow was my favourite...

I love all the Fred astaire and Jean Kelly films, don't mind Bing Crosby either... I love the dancing, the dresses and the singing... they kinda make you feel chiper!

x Alex

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahh so sweet.

ag said...

sweet Toto

Jemm said...

I LOVE the Wizard of Oz! I guess I'd better since I LIVE in Kansas :) I haven't been blogging lately so if this is long over due I apologize, but I absolutely adore your new banner drawings. So cute and very original. How did you get them on the computer (scanning I suppose) and then onto your blog that size?? So clever.

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