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Monday, 24 August 2009

I did something today I have never done before...

(Apart from buying a yummy CK bag - thankyou Rob and Lucy!)

I went into CK shop today - and I wasn't gonna go - it was horrid weather, and although I can just about make it...just about in my lunch break...its a bit of a stomp and temptation I can really afford to miss..

well I then walked up to this lady and said..

Hello, hope you don't think this is odd..but I really recognize you...from your...BLOG!!!

and I said it...I never EVER introduce my self to strangers...I wouldn't say boo to a goose normally...

It was Jane from Posy!!

I can remember coming across blogland about 3 years ago when I worked from home for a bit..I discovered this lovely land all shabby chic and pretty that I didn't know existed...such well known blogs such as Posy, and The Vintage Magpie, Posy Gets Cozy...Yvestown...yes the ooober bloggers!

So anyway - we had a little chat...then off I scurried...back to work..hoping I hadn't freaked poor Jane out to much...(I convinced my self that I may have been a bit like Rosie from Jam and new favorite programme) worrying that maybe blogland is an secret place where you don't actually ever meet other bloggers....

But thats kinda sad I think....

Have a lovely Monday!

Love Sam xx



PPS Trouble is I want more..:0)


bekimarie said...

Love the bag, good on you. I'm afraid i'll have to wait untill my birthday for mine.
Are you going to be joining us at the CL fair?
Have a good week
Beki xxx

MelMel said...

What a fun thing to happen!
LOVELY bag......yummy!

YAY...come to the fair....I'm going!


Florence and Mary said...

Yeah your first blogger meet!

Victoria x

Josie-Mary said...

Morning Rosie!!! Hahaha that made me chuckle... I love that too! Lovely new bag, wish I had a CK near my work :(

ag said...

that bag is fab!

Shabby Chick said...

Hee hee, I didn't know anyone else used the term uberbloggers, I always think it but I don't think I've actually said it before! How cool to be recognised! Lovely bag :)

Mel xxx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Lovely bag!!! I had some gift vouchers in July for my Birthday. Have been keeping them for the new collection. Looking forward to going to Bath soon to have a look. How funny to bump into Jane. Sjhe must have been flaterred to be recognised.
Isabelle x

Katie said...

Brilliant story...made me laugh out loud! Great bag too (you can never have too many). Katie x

Jane said...

I was more than flattered - it made my YEAR!!
I'm so glad you did introduce yourself as it was so lovely to meet you. Your bag looks great & I'm so pleased your sweet kitty is on the mend.
Thank you for your kind words too. Hope to meet you again sometime.
Jane x

claire Maraldo said...

I love that story about how you met Jane. She could not fail to have been charmed by you.

And I love the bag!

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