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Sunday, 23 August 2009


I love stuff...collecting, hording...bits and bobs, notebooks, scrapbooks, diaries...boxes baskets..old things...old toys..
yes I am Mrs Steptoe. I have always been like it..I would go charity shopping back when I was about 15/16 years old, way back when it wasn't so fashionable to find thirfty things..(thankyou Mrs Cath Kidston) yes I was in those shops, before the nice clean refits happened...before the laminate floors and the colour co-ordinated rails...

I can remember the old school second hand shops...the moth ball smelling...ramshakled shops...and I have to say I miss them.
(Well not so much the musty smell..but the opportunity for a real good rummage...back in the day when things cost 10p)

Now I hope you are all having a nice Sunday...I'm just mulling on the idea of cooking a roast - for me, Rob and The Sue...yes she gets a bit of chicken too ;0)

Well she is going to be spoiled a bit this week, before she has to go to hospital on have her last 2 main chomping teeth removed..she will still have her fangs..but the bad teeth must go as the vet said the germs from her mouth could hurt her liver and kidneys quite seriously later on...and I can't have that!

So have a lovely Sunday dear bloggers...roll on the Autumn!



sharie said...

Oops, I know exactly what you mean about being a Mrs Steptoe! I' short of storage and short of space to put the storage!

I rarely went in to our local C shops though as our local ones were a bad mess and they smelt of urine. Jumble things were my thing. I wish there were more.

Lyn said...

Mrs Steptoe! I hoard too, I can't help it! Anyway, Sue will be fine, Lucy has had most of her teeth out and her little gums are so hard they can chomp through anything!
Give her a hug from me.

Florence and Mary said...

I can remember buying the Enid Blyton books I buy now from boot sales and charity shops when I was younger... and Sweet Valley High books. I remember going round with my friends.

Oh for the days of charity shops that don't price anything higher than £1!!!

Victoria xx

Katie said...

I feel that I can admit this here...but I too am a complete hoarder! There's nothing I like more than a good rummage at a car boot or in a junk shop. I hope Silkie's trip the hospital goes ok this week. Katie x

ag said...

you look so lovely holding mrs Sue.
don't worry ,everything will go perfect with her operation
lots of love

sarah-jane down the lane said...

oOh Silkie hope the teeth are OK? I am sure your diet will be adapted with lots of yummy treats!

I too was a teenage charity shop loiterer, I put together some really choice outfits!

Tee hee, :D x

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