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Monday, 31 August 2009

A visitor in the toy hospital (and why I have too many things to do...but the Sue can still sleep..)

How lovely is it to have a bank holiday Monday - for those of you whose free time is limited thanks to working ;0) ( I am grateful for my job - really I am - but boy would I like just a little bit more time for me...but nuff of me moaning...) I will get back on track... I had a visitor to the toy hospital here (do any of you remember Twinkle)..little Miss Owly - who I made for my chum Simon. She is a door stop and is prone to a few knocks..not that she minds to much - she takes her job as door stop very seriously but has lately been losing a few out came my sewing needle and she has been patched and is really keen to get back to her home.

I also have lots of unfinished crafty projects, and Rob and I have been getting a few pictures ready to donate to the Bath Cats and Dogs home...and thanks to Robs organising it, we are hopefully having a little exhibition, with the help of our other dear Arty friends, at a well known Coffee shop in Bath...selling some more Cats and Dogs paintings framed for charity later this year...

So I have finished most of my chores...and have been pootling around Blog land getting Blog and Blog house envy as I'm prone to do...whilst lusting after stuff on the CK website... gosh I love that Laptop bag - I don't even carry my lap top around, but it would look pretty in it wouldn't it?

and the Sue sleeps soundly - even with me crashing and banging about....

Happy Bank Holiday!!

Sam xx


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hope all is well in the repair of your friend's owl, he is very fetching (The owl I mean!)

lOVE Sarah x

Blueberry Heart said...

your artwork is always stunning and those pooches are just gorgeous!
BH x

Florence and Mary said...

Aren't Sundays so much better when you don't have to get up on the Monday!

Victoria x

Maureen said...

Thank you for the pic of the sleeping cat - I have a 'thing' about cat's paws - they hypnotise me, I love them and when I get the chance I caress them.

It is, however, only a moments pleasure as as soon as the animal involved reaslises how much I am getting out of it they stop the caressing and look smug!

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