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Monday, 3 August 2009

And the winner is...

Josie Mary!

I will be sending you your prize on Saturday....hope you like it...I have very much enjoyed blogging for the last year, so its a bit of a celebration of that say thankyou for the lovely encouraging comments I have received :0)

The illustration I have done is a replica of an original illustration by my favorite illustrator called Rene Cloke from The Magic Faraway Tree. She illustrated lots of the Enid Blyton Books including The Wishing Chair, Faraway Tree, and lots and lots more. As I wrote before I loved and still love those books, and to me they were real. I can remember, when I woke up in the night scared when I was little (I won't bore you will the full sorry tale, but I had night terrors for years as a child poor sleep deprived parents!) I would think of the Faraway Tree and the adventures that were probably going on in the middle of the night...and it kinda made me feel better, even though I was petrified!

So a picture and a few other bits and bobs will be off to Josie-Mary at the weekend xx

Now I'm back on the case with my little shop..and I'm hoping to list a few original watercolours this weekend..which will be framed with a cream card mount, wrapped and ready to be watch this space too.

Oh and before I forget...I received the most generous crochet swap parcel..which deserves its own blog I will blog that asap! :0)

Happy Monday


Shabby Chick said...

Well done Joe! I think Enid Blyton is brilliant for a bit of happy escapism :)

Yay to the shop being nearly ready!

Mel xxx

Clare said...

I saw your wonderful illustrations in the flesh on Sunday at Nicky's stall, they really capture their personalities!! Sadly Rupert was sold but Nicky tells me he has gone to a good home! I'm really looking forward to seeing your shop.

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