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Monday, 10 August 2009

Do your pets have routines?

This is my (Silkiesues) Daily routine

Wake up 5.30 am meaow in Sam's ear

Keeping meaowing until food is delivered

Sit on Windowsill meaowing at other irritating cats

At approx 10.30 - back to bed - this time on the bed under the throw and remain there
until approx 3.30pm and eat what ever food is left...visit the toilet..

Retire to the Garden Room (aka the v. small conservatory) and remain there until the humans return

Meow until fed then meaow some more if the microwave is used (it normally works and means prawns)

Sit in the garden at the back gate until 7.30 pm, then back indoors for 8 - 8.30 to retire to bed....under the bed

Look wistfully at Sam...when she continues to pester me, as she is worrying that I am old (13 and 3/4's) as I have to have the
rest of my teeth removed (there are only 2 left), and cause the vet kept referring to me as 'old' on Sat...

Silkiesue xx

(Note to Sam to stop worrying about me...(Sam) thats not gonna work...



Bagladee said...

Ah bless her, our cats have a similar routine. Oh to be a cat!! Silkie Sue you lovely kitty xx

Floss said...

Oh yes, our cat has a winter routine and a summer routine. He also sulks if either routine is disturbed! Silkie Sue is very lovely.

bex said...

my mum and dads cat goes really grumpy if things change in the house, we recently went away on holiday and when they were moving thier suitcases and tent etc the cat was going mental apparantly

Lyn said...

My Lucy has no teeth and Hubby says her gums are now like a tortoise! she likes the pate food best as it's easier on the gums. She is 12 and as you say looks a lot like your Silkie Sue, they are a worry when they get older but enjoy her and take one day at a time.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Our little Louie (who apparetnly is a girl not a boy) stalks flies (and the odd wasp) and while stalking makes a funny noise like a tiny little car trying to start.. as she's a kitten her routine is to eat and sleep... and jump on my head in the mornings!

a little tickle under the chin for Silkie... and take each day as it comes...

x Alex

Jemm said...

I know the feeling. Our cat is 12 3/4 years old. She's been with us nearly our whole marriage (it was 14 years in July). She is acting older.

Katie said...

Silkie Sue looks very cnotented indeed! Our cats have routines too...which involve lots of eating and sleeping! The other day, one of them proudly brought home a moth she'd caught and placed it at my feet as if giving me a prized treasure! They are funny! Katie x

Katie said...

Just realised I'd made a total botch of spelling 'contented' in my last comment..sorry! Katie x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh yes! They all have their routines including the hens!

My dogs of course can tell the time especially when it is 9 am (breakfast) & 5pm (supper) & come & tell me about it until they are fed.


sharie said...

LOL Pets are so funny. As they get older they become more and more set in their ways.

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