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Friday, 7 August 2009

Theres a new blog in town...

He poo pooed it...

Na its not for me..but I persisted..

Its brilliant..I said you have too!

And he crumbled!!

Mr M isn't anonymous any more... can be found here!

My hubby is a bit good at 'colouring in'

I know he would be thrilled at receiving some visitors ;0)

Happy Friday!


PS I'm hoping for my little shop to be open by the end of the weekend!



Bagladee said...

Hi Sam, loving the new banner and that illustration is sooooo coool. Of to check out your hubbys blog now xx

LissyLou said...

Off to check it out now x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Love the new look here, off to check it out now.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

wow, he's fab... I absolutely adore illustrations in books, I have always loved the really in depth ones, my son has a series of books called "the Little red train" and the pictures are so detailed... we read the story and then spend just as long searching out the deer in the woods or the cows in the distant fields... I love you both for making my reading time with my son so much fun...
x Alex

Annie said...

Hi Sam,
I have just found your blog and love your pictures. I might think about asking you to paint my dog Josh. There is a picture of him on my blog in a silly pose.
Ann x

Rob McPhillips said...

Ah Thanks baby

R :)

Moe said...

Hi Sam,
Loving the new look, espically your new header. My kids are in Love with your Husband! Or at least his lovely illustrations!I have just checked out his new blog and My eldest appeared over my shoulder and was ooohing and aahing so much that the other two came to see what she was looking at and they have decided that he does the best pictures!
But we still love your ones too of course!!
Moe xx

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