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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Dentist

Sue Kitton has to have what remaining teeth she has out tom...
So think happy blogland thoughts for her..I do worry as she is nearly 14 years young :0)

Bye for now

Sam xx


Mandy said...

Oh bless her x I will be thinking of her x

Josie-Mary said...

oh poor Sue, hope it goes well. My cat is nearly 20 & has hardly any teeth left...she sucks her food!! :)

ag said...

Sam, she is not OLD! everything will be all right...think positive my love

Hen said...

Vive Silke Sue! One of our cats has only four teeth left yet he is huge and manages to hoover up plenty of biscuits. SS will be just fine if feeling a bit poorly right now.
Hen x

Carol said...

Furry purrs to Sue Kitten from Amy and Rosie cat.... and a gentle cuddle from me.

MelMel said...

The poor little....aaawww...hope the kitty is feeling better soon!xxx

claire Maraldo said...

Get well soon Silkie Sue and remember to get your servants to serve up only the finest delicacies to aid your recovery.

We have a bengal too and know that they are royalty.

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