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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Oh to be young and in Lovexxx

Just in time for Valentines xxxx

Oh and before I forget I have got some more blog its tricky as I love visiting all your blogs but vintage pretty and shabbys blog (prettyshabby on the side bar) has always been a favourite of mine. I LOVE her house , just gorgeousxxx

3 to go!

Sorry still having problems linking blogs!!


Flossie and Tom said...

thats a lovely photo - I've just been into my front room and my two are snuggled up together - it is really cold today

Would post a photo but hubby and son gone fishing !!!! and took camera for when they catch "the big one" !


Surfer Rosa said...

Great post .... the 'sweethearts' made me chuckle :-)

re: linking to blogs:
1) make sure you're in "compose" and not the html editor mode.
2) open up the site you want to link to in your browser and copy the address (url)
3) highlight text in your post which you want to be the link text
4) click the link icon (globe/chain link logo)
5) paste your copied address into the url box (ensuring http: is selected as type)
Hope you get it sorted.

Tea with Willow said...

Oh Sam, I'm so thrilled to see this lovely photo - it brought a tear to my eye!! What a softie I am!! I just had to show OH, as he's sitting here beside me - he thought it was lovely too! Thank you so much!

Tom feels very honoured to be appearing on your blog with darling Silkie Sue xxxx

Willow x

prettyshabby said...

ah bless! how cute..cute cat pictures are just the best..those two gorgeous kitties could almost be twins!

Now are making me blush with those lovely comments..thankyou very much for passing on an award (but my house seriously looks like a bomb's hit it at the moment!) xx

Ragged Roses said...

What a wonderful photo to see this grey Sunday morning, thank you!

Jemm said...

What a cutie!! Have a great weekend.

MaryPoppins said...

I am the official wedding planner :)


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