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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Well Christmas is all over and here I am sat on the worst school night of the year...the Sunday after Christmas. Don't get me wrong I do like my job but how hard is it going back to work when for nearly a week and a half , your time has been your own?
I am secretly envious of those people who are retired or for one reason or another don't have to work! Ba Humbug!

Anyway I won't moan as I have been throughly spoilt this Christmas so I wonder if you can see what I got?

Oh and if you are reading this Mr M - I LOVE my Laptop!!!! THANKYOU very much!!


claire Maraldo said...

ooo -is that your bag i spy in the picture? Very nice!

i love your banner I'm guessing it is one of your illustrations . . .we have a lot in common it seems. I love old films too and it is heaven to curl up on the sofa and take an hour or so out with a cat as company!

gingerwine said...

Thank you for leaving a message..I cannot take credit for the cute banner I'm afraid - its from a vintage illustration! Mmmnnn and yes the lovely CK Bag - trouble is I want them all! xx

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