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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Tagged! By Lissylou

Hello Bloggers on this yet again grey dull day...but its Saturday and we have Blog Land to keep us happy when it is grey and dull out I have been tagged to post a picture from Lissy Lou....
Now I left Mr M to find this picture when I was rushing about this morning, and we are going to be brave and post a picture of us out here in Blogland.

Now this was when we were on our honeymoon in New York last September, we were lucky enough to go for a whole week, so heres a toast to you my Blogging chums (as I remember it was a rather large Long Island Ice Ts! yum)

Love Mr and Mrs M xx


Tea with Willow said...

What a lovely couple you are (almost as lovely as Silkie Sue & Tom!!). New York for your honeymoon ... how fantastic!! We were there for a week in July and absolutely *loved* it - would go back again tomorrow, if we could! I bet September was a great time to go too - bit cooler than July!

Willow xx

Little Knitter Gem said...

Me and Mr Deravelled love New York!! Where did you stay? When we went last March we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, and when we go back to get married next Jan, we're staying at the Salisbury. Really really can't wait!! :)

Gemma x x

LissyLou said...

A lovely picture, and New York for a week? How fab x

prettyshabby said...

hello Mr and Mrs M!
It's lovely when people post a picture and you have a face to a name. How wonderful and romantic to honeymoon in New York, it's just where we would have gone if we could have!

Shabby Chick said...

You two look glam! Huge cocktails :) I'd love to visit NY one day.

Mel xxx

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