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Sunday, 11 January 2009

A Little Card For Mr M

Just a little card I made for Mr M's Birthday last year....with a cat theme again! I know I am officially a mad cat woman! I am sat here on Sunday night (The worst school night of the week) and I know that I may sit up late again just to squeeze a few more hours of the weekend again. Not sure if my Husband (Mr M) ever reads my woffling but I really love my laptop and I am getting square eyes staring at the screen! Hey ho here is another week of work to look forward too....I think I am painting some more easter cards this week, and Ooooo that means a new country living magazine...YUM!


MelMel said... your blog...cute kitty katkin!

I just adore the smae films as you and think 40's starlets are sssooooooooo brilltastic....and i LOVE CK soooooooooooooo much!

gingerwine said...

Hello! Thanks for leaving a message...yes I soo love all the starlets.. i just love the old movies!

fiftiesgirl said...

Love your blog! x

ag said...

love that kitten so much!!

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