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Monday, 19 January 2009

Softies!!! (and a Bean!)

Hello Bloggers!!
Well as today is apparently the most depressing day of the year I thought I would post some pictures of some Softies that I have made for my friend and his Daughter aka 'The Bean' (She looked like a little bean at first and the name stuck!)

Anyway I must explain that I discovered blogs over 3 years ago and came across Sock and Glove toys...which I'm sure you are all familiar with. I just couldn't believe how quick they were to make and how cute they were!

Since then I have been given by my boss a vintage sewing machine, and from time to time I wizz something together like Owly who The Bean is with. (My friend wanted a door stop so I filled it with Lentils) and in December last year I picked the knitting needles up and knitted a a couple of things by Fuzzy Mittens (Shes on my blog list) and today I'm trying Crochet! (I just can't seem to hold the one needle right!)

So there we are...hopefully a bit of cuteness (from The Bean!) to cheer us all up on a cold wet Monday Evening!

See you soon

Love Samxxx

PS Oh I must point out that The Bean does have a real name - bless her!


lou said...

What a funny name, but she is very cute!!!
I love your softies; it has brightened my day up!

Love Lou xxx

Hollypop's said...

She is soooo cute. The softies are lovely too. I think it's a great idea to cover things with a favourite fabric or paper, makes them individual, you should really do your filofax.
Take care.

i cant sew said...

cuter that a button!!and the softies too... %*_*% rosey

fiftiesgirl said...

What a cutie! Love the softies.
My challenge for this year is to learn how to crochet. I can chain stitch, do a row of double / single crochet then the second row goes wrong. I just cant get the hang of it either. Good luck with it! x

rachel the krafty girl said...

lol i think beans quite a cute name!
the softies are so cute too,i just love owls.
i thought that the charity shops would be full of stuff what with it being new year and decuttering but no =(
i just felt like a right spanner cutting myself after everything had been cleaned away!and not being able to walk without looking like an idiots a bit of a pain too lol

Tea with Willow said...

What a sweetie! Those cuddlies are so lovely, and so much more individual than anything you could buy in the shops.

I haven't forgotten about the photos of Tom ... trying to get him sitting still, in a decent (handsome) pose, is proving quite tricky!! I'll do a couple more tomorrow and hopefully get them to you asap!
Willow xx

bekimarie said...

Love the owl!
Just found your blog and reading through it, noticed your sidebar.
You have great taste.
Take care
Beki xxx

nimblejacks said...

good luck with the crochet I discovered I have no natural tension and cleverly renenwed my mum's love for it! I buy wool post it off and magically the postman brings me lovely envelopes of gorgeous flowers! yay for talented mums :D

Josie-Mary said...

How lovely.... I like to dog too.
I'm sure you'll work out the crocheting, my nan taught me but I was very young, she passed away when I was about 6, I hadn't done it for years but if you keep at it you'll get better. I was teaching my friend yesterday & she couldn't hold the hook right either! :)

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