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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Evening! (and what happens if you ignore your cat!)

Hello again ! Hope you are finding yourself well on this cold damp January evening! I wasn't planning on another post today, as I was feeling a little uninspired. But here I am sat with Mr M whilst he is playing his new Lara Croft Tomb raider game (Essentially an animated Angelina Jolie prancing around spooky tombs in her pants!) and I thought oh why not!

So before I pour myself a G and T I thought you would like to see the cozy spot I sit and blog from...just a little space on our dining table (which we rarely sit at, hence the Cath Kidston drawers) Ooo I do like to sit here as I can put the TV on in the background with my 3 sets of fairy lights , with if I have any luck an old musical or Doris Day film.

Oh and I thought you would like to see what Silkie does if I'm blogging too much!

Sam xxx


Jemm said...

I love Cath Kidston too. I tried to send for a catalog but I guess they couldn't since she's in the UK because I never got one. I'll have to get on her site and try try again.

I hear about Doris Day all time but have never seen one of her films. What's your favorite if I were to try to get one?

Jemm said...

Or is Doris Day a singer? Or both?

Tea with Willow said...

Your home looks so cosy and inviting ...naughty Silkie, she's definitely trying to tell you something, isn't she?!! Tom & Leo do that if I'm reading the paper, and Tom grabs the end of the knitting needles if I'm trying to knit!

Willow xx

Hollypop's said...

Silkie is a pretty cat, reminds me of a cat I had years ago called Tigger.
I like your little CK drawers very pretty.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Shabby Chick said...

Hi, thanks for coming to visit my blog! I've had a good luck at yours and love your paintings, they are so lovely. And I'm ever so jealous of your Kidston bags. I love G&T's too and I get that homework night feeling on a sunday, never met someone else who felt the same!

Mel xxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Cats do have a knack for sitting exactly where you want to work or read don't they?

Redwoodhouse said...

love your work space it is so tidy, I also love Doris Day well most old black and white films actually and a G&T would be the icing on the cake.
Cats just love to be wherever you are don't they. Silky is lovely.

Simone said...

One should never ignore a furry friend!

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The Red Shoes
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