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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Yay Its Saturday!

Well here we are another weekend in January...can't believe it was a month ago already since it was Christmas Eve. I still miss the Christmas atmosphere and especially my lovely little Christmas Tree, which I think it still alive! (It in a pot in the garden)
Mr M was saying this morning how he was going to chop it up tomorrow but dear bloggers that ain't happening while there is a glimmer of life left in its little branches..

I'm glad the week is over..and I can relax and stay at home. I am really a homebody and I am quite happy just pottering around in doors , I always find something to do cleaning!

My house never seems clean enough to me, I don't mean that in an odd way, but I do like things to be in their place if you know what I mean, and especially after looking at your lovely homes on your blogs..oo I do get house envy!!

Thought I would leave you with a picture of a birthday card I made yesterday...with some Softies (Or Sofies) as I realized that in my hurry to draw it I miss spelt the main word!

Well me and Mr M are off to the Cinema now...we got some vouchers for Christmas, and I do love a good film!

Happy Saturday to you all!

Love Sam xxx


Jemm said...

Cute card! Please tell me what movie you saw. I love to hear what people think of them if I've seen it too. Chances are I haven't. We've not gone to the movies in ages.

Hollypop's said...

Like the card. Hope you enjoy your film and your weekend.

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