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Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm back...and...

Its here! I LOVE it..
Don't get me wrong I had a lovely week in Turkey - It was very hot but I was sensible and kept in the shade (as I'm a ginger...and sunburnt Gingers is NOT a good thing) but I swam and swam, in the deep deep sea...trying to ignore my husband humming the Jaws feam toon ;0)

We met a lovely couple too, so spent a few boozy evenings with them, and it was nice to sit outside in the evening.

There were the most beautiful gravity defying bodies/people posing round the pool, I think I looked more like a pale ginger vampire, bitten to death by mozzies sat in the shade!!

Ooo and I missed The Sue something dreadful, I kept worrying that she was too cold, or not eating...but she was absolutely fine in her cat hotel.

And my hypnosis CD to help me with my fear of flying WORKED! It really did I was amazed, as you see I normally picture myself in my own disaster film...

So I hope you are all well this lovely cozy evening...I will be back soon with my 'to do' list for October!

Sam xxx


Simon said...

Glad you and Mr M are back and had a lovely time. Silkie must have been pleased to come home to her family!
Hope you enjoy your b weekend

LissyLou said...

glag you had a great time, but glad your back - so pleased the cd worked xx

Lyn said...

Have you ever seen the film 'French Kiss' with Meg Ryan, very funny as she has a fear of flying too!
Missed your posts, glad you are back and that you also had a good time.

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