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Saturday, 10 October 2009

A kiss on the nose..

well more of a couple of licks actually..
thats how I was woken up this morning by Miss Sue...Oh and the fact that she walks over and over and OVER my head REALLY
early in the morning so much that the other night I had to go to bed with a woolly hat on as I was convinced I would have no hair left on my head!

But I was quite pleased to wake up early today as the morning is absolutely beautiful, we seem to be having a proper Autumn this year, it reminds me of when I was about 11 on half term, playing in my mum and dads garden, convinced that I might be a Witch and dragging a rubbish garden broom about, as we didn't have a proper 'witchy' one.

I also LOVED the worse witch books, the illustrations really got my imagination going...

So I think in honor of my favourite time of year those spooky DVD's are going to have to come out..

Mmmmm whose up for watching a bit of Hocus Pocus...

I'm never growing up.....EVER!!

Sam xxx


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hubble Bubble........
Have a spooky time watching tjose DVD's! I love the Hunger..... little Little Red Ridinghood for grown ups!
Sarah x

Bagladee said...

here-here, me too I'm never growing old....I dont care what my next birthday is, inside I still feel about 17 which is great. And yes it does feel really Autumnal, I love all the colours on the trees. x

Lyn said...

Lucy comes and sits on my chest or back and thumps her front paws while purring VERY loud, we have started to take treaty biscuits with us to bed to give her at 5am and then she settles down again!
I have a very funny image in my head of you going to bed with a hat on!

Vintage Amethyst said...

OOohhh I love Autumn & Halloween & all things witchy!
Have a lovely weekend

Gem said...

My cats do that too :) One of them actually gets in the bed with us and nestles up close to me ready to be fussed over. If I don't fuss over her enough, then out she gets only for the whole performance to be repeated until I fuss her to her satisfaction!

Enjoy watching Hocus Pocus, I love spooky (but not scary!) films too :) x

Florence and Mary said...

i have a lazy day at home doing some crafting planned today and I think i might just get Hocus Pocus out!

Victoria x

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