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Friday, 30 October 2009

Now, make friends and play nicely...


Now a little while ago I did a little spot of colouring in for Nicky of The Vintage Magpie and in exchange Nicky kindly offered to make me one of her beautiful toys.

And boy oh boy was I pleased - but I think Miss Sue has to get used to a doggy being about - especially as he has decided to live on my bed! He also came to work with me too...and everyone squealed at him...

And if like me even at the grand ole age of 36, you still love toys...go buy one of Nicky's , they are the most beautiful creations and beautifully made........ :0)

And now for a busy weekend...I am having a small Halloween Buffet tomorrow night for some close friends and on Sunday we are hanging our paintings in the Bath Starbucks, in aid of the bath Cats and Dogs I will show you pictures of them asap...

So hope you are all feeling spooky...and thanks so much again for stopping by my blogxxx

Heres a Blogging Halloween Hug to you :0)

Love Sam xx


Josie-Mary said...

He's great, I would love one... I'll keep hinting! Happy Halloween, enjoy your buffet. I'm having a friend over for a wii & curry night, my backs too bad for Halloween fun :( x

Clare said...

Have a super Halloween tomorrow. We're trick and treating in Frome, pumpkins made and scary, costumes ready....all we need now are the sweeties!Good luck in Bath.

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