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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What lovely messages! (And a To do List)

Thankyou dear blogging chums for your birthday messages! :0) So sweet of you!

I did very well, and received very nice presents...including some CK vouchers that are burning a hole in my pocket BIG TIME.. but I must think carefully before I spend them...but on what..on what? I really LOVE the laptop bag..(I don't actually carry my laptop around with me, but the bag is so cute....oh the dilema!!)

And I have a massive TO DO list...

1. Learn needle felting as quickly as possible..and then make hundreds of animals..;0) (joking!)

2. Paint animal pictures for our Charity Exhibition in Starbucks for Nov 1st and frame them

3. Sort out 1970s' buffet menu for my HALLOWEEN party!

4. Sort out my costume for the above..

5. Try and make some kind of choice on what to buy with my vouchers!!

6. Message lovely bloggers ;0)

Happy autumny Tuesday!

Love Sam xx


Jemm said...

Awww, happy belated birthday!

Josie-Mary said...

But the lap top bag is so lovely !! You can't beat a good list can you? 1970's halloween party? sounds fun! :)

Florence and Mary said...

I can't wait to hear more about this Halloween party you're planning

Victoria xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

a belated Happy Birthday!
Vouchers are fun to receive but the decisions about what to buy can take ages can't it? Have fun spending them!


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