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Monday, 12 October 2009

Any Ghost Stories?

Well I said it was going to get a bit spooky round these parts.. I love a good spooky tale and I have been racking my brains for one to tell you..they always sound so much better in my head than when I write them down or say them out loud!

The only one I can think of, happened to me when I was about 17.

I was asked to babysit for a friend of my dads who was house sitting in an old manor house, in the woods near Bideford (Devon) on the cliff. (Seriously!)

I was like 'ok!' whatever!, there were about 6 dogs to keep me company too so I thought that would be ok.

It was like the house in the Disney film 'Watcher in the Woods' (No one has probably heard of this film), but can I tell you what I was greeted by.

STUFFED the hall up the stairs...a big bear - tiger heads you name it it was there. The house was a mini version of the national trust house - tyntesfield, there was a ball room, a lift and a pantry with food in it from the 1940s!

But I was ok - they had SKY tv - which back then I thought was the best thing ever - 6 cute dogs, snuggled up by me, and my mum had made me a cheesecake to scoff. So there I was watching MTV all alone in a room that had loads of armchairs and a Grandpiano in the corner (Which I had to play chopsticks on !), and an open fire.....and I could sometimes hear the horses snuffling in the stables.

My Dad even said he would stay but I was ok, I liked and like my own company, plus I wasn't there that late and my parents lived nearby.... and after I baby sat a couple more times..with nothing odd at all happening .

A couple of months went by and my parents friend moved out, and when I saw her again she asked me something.

"So Sam , were you ok in the Morning Room, did any thing odd happen?

"No" I replied

"That's good then" she said

"I didn't want to say anything, but the Piano in the Morning Room likes to play itself sometimes...both me and my little girl heard it a few times, but I didn't want to mention anything in case you didn't come back"

"Oh , I said"

Luckily I didn't!

Night Night !

Sam xx


Anonymous said...

Spooky, but these things always have a rational explanation:

Florence and Mary said...


Victoria xx

Josie-Mary said...

That's spooky! I have a few stories but when i tell them it sounds like i'm making them up but they're true! Maybe i'll do a post nearer the time :)

smilernpb said...

Mum used to have friends who lived in a haunted house in Rochester (I think - I was only four at the time) and the story went that when they moved in, they were told not to open the well in the garden, and of course, the guy did....and the spooks got out (apparently!). The story my Mum tells everyone is when the couple were woken up in the middle of the night by a train set going round in one of the children's bedrooms....but the children were fast asleep. I don't know if it was true or not, but I know I never liked going there! lol

ag said...

great story Sam, I love it!

NanaBeast said...

I know Watcher in the Woods, with Bette Davis, right? It is one of the SERIOUSLY scary movies. I am not a horror movie fan, but I love Watcher in the Woods.

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