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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!

Yes. Me and Mr M tied the knot a year ago today...we had been together for years....(13!) and it was a lovely day.
We got married on the SS Great Britain, with a small number of people, on a lovely warm Saturday. There was a lovely chap called Bob - who was sort of in charge of looking after me and Rob, and I can remember a few glasses of vino later, quizzing him about all the ghosties on board, as it had previously been a hospital ship and passenger liner. I even managed to wander about on my own, just in case I spotted a ghost!

A week after, we went to New York...and WOW that was amazing...after I managed to get through the flight...3 valiums and a couple of see I HATE flying...

But New York...WOW!!

Both of us love films, so we made sure that we found lots of famous places that appeared in Ghostbusters...yes I sat in the library where it was filmed...and on the first day ,by complete accident I spotted 'Mr Big' from Sex and the did feel like being on a film set.

We also found 'The Daily Planet' where Superman worked...its actually the New York Times building and we were able to have a photo taken.

So now to celebrate, Mr M and I are off to Turkey for a week...and 'The Sue' has to go to Kitten Hotel...(I must not cry..I must not cry...I do love my cat ;0) so I won't be in Blogland for a week and a bit...

But on my return I'm sooo going to crack Needle felting....I'm quite excited about it...I needed a new project for the autumn evenings...and I will be posting the stages too...and of course Miss Sue will be my first model.

Happy Sunday!!

Lots of Love and see you soon
Sam xx


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Happy anniversary! You both look so happy on the photos. What a great way to celebrate your anniversary, enjoy the holiday!

I am sure Silkie Sue will be just fine.

Isabelle x

Clare said...

A very happy anniversary to you both!

LissyLou said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!! Have a good week xx

Floss said...

Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful holiday!

Dawn Gahan said...


I can't recall if I ever thanked you for stopping by my blog! If I didn't then shame on me.



ag said...

haaaapy anniversary!!!! and have a fAB holiday in Turkey LOVE

claire said...

happy anniversary to you both x

have a great trip and we MUST talk when you get back as mr d and I are off to NY in November for his 40th birthday - slash- our belated honeymoon :)
would love some hints and advice xxxx :)

Florence and Mary said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Isn't NY the best, you hit the nail on the head saying it's like being on a film set the whole time.

One of my visits we saw Mary-Kate & Ashley filming!

Victoria xx

Tea with Willow said...

Happy Anniversary!! You both look so lovely in your photos ... so happy!!

Have a great holiday, and don't worry, silkie sue will be fine!

Willow xx

Jemm said...

Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous couple you two make :) So cute!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Happy anniversary!

The Vintage Magpie said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! xx

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