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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Happy Saturday Bloggers..

Heres today's illustration effort...I'm busy busy at the moment, as well as working on my first picture book, I'm trying to think up new ideas its a bit of an Owly theme at the mo!

I have bought my first Christmas Magazine..I couldn't resist the free Christmas CD.. Love em!

Normally I avoid the 'higher' end mags like Homes and Antiques, as they can make me feel a tad 'lower class' look at our HUGE mansion, you too can decorate just like us! Ummm well I can't..your Kitchen is the same size as my entire ground floor...

But, the pictures are pretty...and I can't resist pretty pictures of Christmas Trees...

And it weirdly felt a bit Christmassy today....its coming Bloggers!!
Happy Saturday

Love from me and Twit n Twoo!



JoJo said...

Yes, the onslaught of holiday commercials has started and the decorations were up in the stores before Halloween. Ah well. I used to be really into the holidays but working in family law has tempered that enthusiasm when people start fighting about who gets the kids.

All things nice... said...

Ahh what a lovely illustration, so pretty. I'm the same with the magazines, they are really expensive here in Ireland, so I just look up the expensive magazine websites. Enjoy the weekend

All things nice...

Lyn said...

I know, Christmas seems to have just started to creep into the adverts, shops and magazines and I am a sucker for Christmas magazines!
The beautiful painting you did of Lucy is being framed ready to be hung in our new hallway Sam, I am so excited!

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