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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ok - anyone got a time machine..?

Its official - I want to go back to 1977.

 Well I was only 4 - but as I am now - dressed like Margo from The Good Life... (For any one who isn't familiar with them, they were from a beloved BBC sitcom here in the UK in the 70's)

There she is with her lovely hubby Gerry. They were incredibly posh - but very kind...and between me and you I would LOVE to be posh..

I'm not though..

But if you like feel free to imagine me living in a massive farm house, with an AGA, baking away... (Me baking...ermmm thats not gonna happen)

with a drinks trolley..dressed in a full length flammable static dress...drinking eggnog...

Please feel free!

(I am seriously thinking of buying a vintage drinks trolley off ebay - and kinda modernising it with a bit of Husband doesn't notice any more 'tat' getting snuck in..yep already got a few 1950's wine and sherry glasses ala 'Mad Men' style to sit on it)

Whatdaya think?


Sam x



I was 6yo in 1977 (Ugh, I'm old I know) and I do love the old school dress styles of the 70's. Not sure about the hairstyles though. :-)

Lyn said...

It was funny when Sue and Giles were drinking the cocktails-they looed like they were getting really drunk!
I remember my mum having lots of different maxi dresses just like Margo!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Oh yes i would love to go back to 1977 but can I be your neighbour the not so posh couple :-) That Sue and Giles version of The Good Life was soooo funny, I was gutted when it finished :-(

celadon2 said...

In 1977 I was 14, and so glad to leave those teenage years well in the past.

I think you get to the point in fashion where you might to a trend possibly twice, but after that leave it well alone, you are too old by that point!


Tip Top said...

I love The Good Life! Ah, thank goodness for UKGold!

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